Tuesday, 28 February 2012

I'M A NANA!!!!!!!!!

My beautiful daughter, Elle, gave birth to my handsome grandson thismorning at 12.02 am.  He weighed in at 8 pounds and is 51cm long.  He has his mothers dimple and his fathers blue eyes.
Did I mention that I am a Nana....Mother and Baby (no name yet) are doing wonderful...Nana - thats me - is very tired at the moment but I am not to tired to go back up to the hospital to visit him again today.
After a long labour he was born by Ceasarian Section...stubborn baby already...he just didnt want to come out into the world...Proud father, Mike, gave him his first nappy change...and he did a very good job at it too...keep up the good work.  Anyhow need to get ready for more cuddles...
Me with my grandson....Did I tell you that I'm his Nana....

Wayne with his grandson....I hope he gives him back soon...
Aunty Amelia with her Nephew.......is it my turn again.....getting impatient here.

Anyhow time to go...might get some more photos - hopefully of the three of them together...and me holding him again...cya later

Thursday, 23 February 2012


While doing some blog hopping a little while ago I came across a "give away" at Melodys site. I just had to enter - after all you never know your luck and as it was it was definitely a good thing to do.
I won a $25 voucher to use at Want It, Need It, Quilt Store.  When Melody let me know that I had won I was stunned - "are you sure it was me" I said.   Anyhow, yesterday I looked up the store on line, with my voucher number ready and chose some fabric (something I hate doing on line) and guess what...
It has arrived - one day later.  Talk about service, how easy was that..I think I have been converted...
Thanks Melody for the chance to win and thanks Want It, Need It, Quilt Store for a great product and service...AND I LOVE THE FABRIC...WHAT DO YOU THINK.

36 weeks and almost no more counting

Today I had a wonderful day out with my daughter, Elle.  This will be the last time we go out as Mother and Daughter...next week it will be Mother, Daughter and Grandson.  It seemed very appropriate then to start the day with mmmmm, shall I say, desert.  First port of call was the Shingle Inn - doesn't this look devine. 

Then it was off to do a little shopping...now I know its early but I just couldn't help getting a couple of things for my grandsons first easter...An Easter Book and Cuddle Bunny...what was that you are saying - it's too early for easter...never. Easter is an important time of the year - one when the kids like to share their CHOCOLATE  GOODIES with us - and seeing my grandson can not eat chocolate yet then I guess I will just have to sacrifice myself and help him out..lol  oh its such a chore...not.

We spent the rest of our time checking out the toy sections, sooo can't wait to bring home toys to play with..oh ok I will share with my grandson...but it will be hard cause they look like so much fun...I already want to get him a kitchen set and farm set but I will be good and wait to christmas...maybe..We then had lunch - no photo sorry - but chicken and prawn cutlets - you know - something very healthy....After our bellies were full - mine of food and hers of baby and food we headed home where I took some profile photos  -  boy is this baby sitting all out front..
Elle looks like she has been laughing cause thats exactly what she was doing - While taking the photo I had a giggling fit - and my camera kept shaking while I was laughing, so we ended up with a lot of blurry photos...lol....I'm glad no-one was filming us...
Time to head home for a Nana Nap --hehehehe - I will be able to say that next week and it will be true.  Great day Elle, love you heaps...xxx

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Home For Christmas and Thread Catcher

Here is a little wall hanging I have been working on...and yes Helen, take a close look - it's needle turned....I think I did a pretty ok job at it too....I used some of my chrissy scrap fabrics for this project - just incase I suck realllly bad at needle turn...but how could I be bad at needle turn with such a good teacher - thanks Helen

Don't  you just love this little Thread Catcher.  It was brought to our attention from a new member of the group, Ellen (not a blogger yet - just give us time), she had her Thread Catcher with her and we all thought it was wonderful and have been making them since...Thanks Ellen..

Sunday, 12 February 2012

New Flossie and Bag

I did it, I actually got some sewing done...mind you hubby is running around in preparation for the storm that is coming...I don't think he understands that I need to finish this before we lose power..lol
I fell in love with this fabric ages ago and have been waiting for the right project to use it for..well I figured that if I love it so much it would have to be something that I use regularly so I can see if often...hence the Flossie....

I have changed the pattern a little to add a scissor pocket to it...

With the remaining fabric I made this matching bag....

Oh and by the way, thats two for my OPAM...yeah..

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Wayne with his Boys

I know I said I would post something to do with sewing but I just couldn't help myself. ..Keelan, our eldest son, has come back home after being away for nearly two years...He plans on staying here for about 6 months, I hope longer but I will take what I can get.  I took this photo because since he has been here - all of one day - I have heard nothing but giggling and laughing and joking from him and his brothers and his dad.  I didn't realise how much they had missed him, and how much I did too.  Is so nice to have such a busy and loud household again.  

I did try to get a serious photo of them....but they just wouldnt stop mucking around, so this will just have to do...From left to right..Wayne, Keelan, Jaxon and James.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

33 and 34 weeks and counting....

Well Elle has reached the 34 week mark and is doing well...She has had a few ups and down lately with her pregnancy and therefore the doctor has decided to bring baby on early...eta for baby will be the 26th February - 36 weeks.  Even though I know my daughter and grandson are in good hands I can't help but worry...the next two weeks cant go fast enough for me...I'm sorry my posts have not been about stitching lately..I will post something soon...

Sorry for the quality of this photo, it was taken with a mobile phone..

While compiling this blog I realised that when I look at these photos all I see is -
My Little Girl, the little girl who loved making make believe meals with her toys,
or the little girl who liked to play dress up, or the little girl who loved to read
anything she could get her hands on.....and I don't care if she is married,
 and has her own house and is having her own  baby....she is still and will always be
My Little Girl.....Love you heaps sweetheart.