Sunday, 22 July 2012

A very very long blog...please grab coffee and a snack before you read this...and maybe a packed lunch.

Our youngest daughter has left for her year 7 camp..she has left us for 9 days...what are we suppose to do without her...well as it turns out - is strange not having to be home for anyone, hubby and I figured we had a sit at home and brood about until she comes home or to make the best of you can see from my blog which one we chose...
But first, the send off..  Here  she is with her bags...they are almost as big as she is.


Here are some of her friends...she is the short one on the left...oh no not the littlest..maybe she is tooo little to leave the nest even if it is for a short time...don't you just hate that you HAVE TO let your kids grow up....

Now the bus has gone...what do we do...the bus left on Thursday afternoon and it is now Sunday afternoon...This is what we did..
Friday I spend some time shopping at the Gold Coast with my lovely eldest daughter and my handsome grandson....then home to hubby for chinese takeaway - which I may add...we were very naughty and ate it in bed...
Then Saturday we headed off to the local markets to scout around for anything that took our fancy...but nothing found on this occassion.. then we decided to drive out to Warwick for the day..
Warwick is having their JUMPERS AND JAZZ IN JULY FESTIVAL on this weekend..
First we checked out all the wonderful decorations that lined the main street...I have heaps of photos of my favorites so please be patient...I just couldn't decide on just one to put up..
Here I am infront of a very large knitted brick wall.

Don't you just love these button flowers...they were decorating the grid around one of the trees..

Here is the gingerbread mans house...he has little gingerbread children hanging from the branches around his house...

Here is one with the base grid woven with ribbons and little dollies hanging around the tree..
What a pity they can't leave them like this all the time..

Here is one of my favorites...I think it is self explanitory...why am I getting

While I was taking a photo of the cupcakes, Wayne thought he would chat up some of the local chicks.  I love their outfits...there are some very creative people living here..

I did worn you that there were a lot of photos attached to this sorry....but I just couldn't decide on which ones to leave out..This one is a stitched and stuffed goanna climbing up a tree to get
the little birdies in the nest (sorry could fit the nest into the photo)..I wonder how long it would last
out in the weather..

After we were finished with the street decorations we decided to go for a drive to Queen Mary Falls.
I would love to just keep adding photos because the country is so beautiful out that way, but I will try to keep some control.. We did the small walk to the waterfall and I did manage to take a photo of the both of us..Do you know how hard it is to take a photo of yourself...this is hubby and myself...I'm sorry you can't see the waterfall...oh alright then I will add another photo just so you can see it..

Ok I did tell you it was a lonnnng blog...Glenrose Patchwork Shop...mmm I think I may have died and gone to heaven...I will keep it short...this is what I bought there...There a three shades of red felt because I just couldn't decide on which one I wanted - safest thing to do was buy all three..I also bought two McKenna Ryan patterns (I'm sure these will test my sewing abilities) and some pretty blue/cream fabrics...oh and a very cute pair of tweezers..

So that brings us to today...we started the day with breakfast at this beautiful little shop in the main street..Bryson's Place. I definitely recomend it to anyone visiting Warwick...There are tables set up through the shop surrounded by lots of lovely things to buy, and there is even a florist hidden inside..I spent ages looking around... oh...the food was good too.

I just love this shop...can I have one....pleeeeeease..

Here are some darling little bears sitting very patiently watching everyone eat..maybe they are after the sorry, no crumbs today...much too tasty to leave anything..

After breakfast we took a stroll down the main street, this time to look at the vintage cars that were on display today...part of the main street had been blocked off so people could walk all around them..sorry no photos of them....then it was off to the Glengallen Homestead for a tour around the house and gardens...I know this is becoming an extremely long blog but I did worn you...This is such a beautiful homestead...If you look closely you can see hubby standing on the porch in the middle on at the bottom..near the stairs..this place is huuuuge. It was left for a long time and now they have been restoring can see by the second photo..this is one of the main rooms - partly restored.

Now did I cover everything...I havent mentioned the food eaten or the antique shops visited...but I guess this must come to an end...please go eat deserve to replenish after reaching the bottom of this blog...and thanks for sticking with me while I ramble on...I wonder what else we will do this week? Oh I forgot....I hugged a tree was a special tree cause it was 230 years old so I just needed to give it a hug...can you see me there...cya til next time..