Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Been There, Done That, Better Not Do It Again..

Today our sewing group consisted of only three people, Helen, Tereasa and was just one of those days where the other girls had things on...anyway...during the day we somehow got onto the subject of the Ad that had been playing on TV with regards to the French Pancakes that were available at the Coffee Club..well conversations like that just add fuel to the fire...The next thing you know is we are all heading down to our local Coffee Club to try them out...OMG such a huge dessert.  We really tried to do it justice but it was too much for each of us..I think I ate the most, someone has to take one for the
This is what they looked like when they came out...oh and by the way, I didn't get a photo of the extra scoop of ice-cream that each of us just had to add to it...

This is what mine looked like when I just couldn't possibly fit another bite in...I think I did a pretty good job, don't 

I think this kind of behaviour could become addictive....and yes we did get a little sewing done mixed in with a whole lot of laughing....I am so glad that you dont get kicked out of anywhere for laughing too much...Now what to do today...cheers.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Tamborine Extravaganza

Today Marilyn, Ellen and myself went to the Mt Tamborine Craft Extravaganza...yes I know I can hear you all saying can you go anywhere without fueling up first....well you will be happy to hear that we did eat before doing something so   We called in to the Spice of Life for mmmm brunch maybe..This is a lovely little restuarant on the mountain and we have made it a regular stop when we go up there....Now onto some serious shopping at the craft show, the organisers of the event raise money for the Local Fire Brigade and everything is very reasonably priced. But wait.. who have we here...It isn't is it..why yes it is..I found this lost sole walking around all by herself, Helen...Say Hi Helen..

 We asked a lovely lady to take a photo of all of us....we are smiling because we have just come back from having coffee and carrot cake together....

I know it looks like Helen didn't buy anything because she is the only one not holding a bag but if you look carefully to the bottom left of the photo you will notice a green basket with a pretty doll in it...this is Helen's Basket and there are goodies hiding under the doll..  Now come and see what I scored...Most of these things I will put away in my gift box but some I will just have to keep myself.
Before I go (and have a nana nap)...dont laugh, this is exhausting business this thing called shopping,
I have to add this photo of Marilyn and Helen...only because it is such a nice seriously it is...I'm not trying to be funny..Cya all next time...

Lace Reels

I have finished some more Lace Reels...just a

Monday, 7 May 2012


This is what I found on my pillow when I got out of the lovely husband had left me a favourite flower...blood red rose..

Then we went for a drive to Mt.Tamborine....while there we took a walk through the rainforest until we got to Curtis Falls...Jaxon, Amelia, Corina, Wayne and my self...boy was it an easy walk down but not so easy up...It was worth it though, just look at the waterfall...Later on we visited Gallery Walk where we bought lollies....and some beautiful bath fizzes....dont they look yummy..