Sunday, 28 February 2016

Hudson's 4th Birthday

Our gorgeous grandson turns 4.   I wasn't sure what to get him this year so asked and he came up with a soccer ball.  He has been getting lessons at kindy and being a typical energetic little boy, just loves it.  So a soccer ball was needed.  Here he is showing us his ball..
Now he is wondering whether he has posed for the camera long enough and is looking for a sign that he can
We bought him a Crunchie Ice-cream cake but I think if he is not fast, his brother might like to grab it..  Hope you made a wish sweetie..
For his birthday, he was also given a miniature real blower for the garden.  So he brought it over with him and went outside with pop to do our carport.  What the photo's don't show is that while Pop was blowing all the leaves off the path, Hudson was blowing them back on..  lol  So glad Pop has a sense of humour..
After this Hudson was allowed to choose another activity and this time he chose to go to golf with Pop.

Hudson loves playing golf with Pop..
Happy birthday darling, hope you had a fantastic birthday.. love you 

Saturday, 27 February 2016

Weekend At Hervey Bay

What do they call theses types of holidays - oh yeah - a mini break.. Well we are at Hervey bay this weekend for a mini break.  No reason, just seemed like a good idea.  
I will hopefully keep my chatting to minimal so here goes..
I didn't get one photo with the tide in so all my beach photos are with the tide out...  Not as busy up here as the Gold Coast.
Lunch at a local trendy chip joint along the beach... 
Behind the chip joint is a maze of board walks, a kids water park and sculptures, just to name a few things to look at.
I was really impressed with the sculptures - my daughter is standing beside the whale in the water park.  I also loved the water sphere which you could touch the water streaming down the outside.
Along the boardwalk were water facts - I only took a few photos but there were heaps..
Ok let's head to the ice cream shop - now which one... Too many to pick. Senses overload..
Mum and graham get around on scooters these day, that way they can get around instead of being stuck at home all the time.
We loved going down to the beach - when the tide is out you can be 200metres from the shore and the water is still ankle deep.  Not sure how fast we have to run if the tide turns though. Lol
Well that's it for me, we are heading home early tomorrow, oh and just thought I would mention- Maci came with us and she is loving her mini break too. ( I just realised that i haven't taken any photos of her playing, maybe I can get some tonight).   

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Gail Pan Workshop

I have just spent the last two days with these lovely ladies doing a Gail Pan Workshop.  Our wonderful Sunday Stitcher's leader organised everything with the lovely Gail Pan. 
We scrub up pretty good, if I do say so myself..
Our goody bag for Saturday was just gorgeous... Maree had made envelopes using her Daphne's Diary magazines. They came out beautiful, she is such a clever cookie.. I love the front of mine - beautiful pink roses sitting in doily decorated vases.   Inside our kits we found fabric, thread and patterns.
Here is my stitching for the day - yeah I know - not much to show - too much chatting and eating - not enough stitching..
The lovely Gail posing for a photo with me...  Thanks Gail for a fantastic weekend, I hope to have my projects finished in the not-too-distant-future..  I was lovely to meet you... Hope when you get home it is cooler than what we have had this weekend.
Sunday - we had another gorgeous kit waiting for us.  These are just too cute.  Maree made us these beautiful bags to keep our things in.  The bags had hexies stitched onto the fronts with matching lining and lace.  Inside we found the days stitching requirements and pattern.
Here is a better photo to show what was inside.  The tin held all the items needed to finish our projects - ric rac, ribbon, buttons and thread.  What a great idea and such a beautiful way to present it, I love everything you did for us Maree, thanks heaps..
Ok another look at my tin...
Todays morning tea was choc chip muffins, yum.  You know this is the only food photo that I took so you will have to believe me when I say we were fed very well..
Helen was one lucky girl today and won a prize.  She is looking very pleased with herself here..
But here she is letting me and Norreen know exactly how she is feeling...  Nah all is good, I was just lucky I had my camera ready when she did this 'lady like' pose for us...  mmm 'naughty Helen' is at it again. lol
Not the greatest photo but here are all our stitcheries from today - you can tell who was talking and who was stitching...
I needed to add this photo of the lights in the hall - I thought they were just spectacular...
Now one last note for the weekend.   Sunday Stitcher's birthday girl for February was Lynda and here is how I decorated her fat quarter pressie..  Happy Birthday Lynda..xx
Well that's all.  Thanks everyone for a great weekend.  I know I ate too much, stitched too less and laughed, well, just enough.  Now I'm very tired and need some sleep..

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Glenrose Retreat

I have just come back from another fantastic retreat with the girls.  Lots of great scenery, heaps of laughing, yummy foods and a little bit of sewing.
There is always something pretty to take a photo of when visiting here.  The cottages are delightful, the patchwork shop so inviting and the gardens a just beautiful.
I did mention yummy foods.  Here are a few of the tasty morsels I had the opportunity to sample..
The girls are happily stitching away here..  Jenny, Teresa (ok she is not stitching), Helen ( not happy Jan moment), and De.
Some of De's cheeky monkeys, Jenny's gorgeous slippers, and 9 Splendid Sampler Blocks.  We all made block 1 together (oh ok I did make two) and then put them together on the design wall.  Don't they look fabulous together?
Helen's Asian Quilt, Noela's table runner, De's camper trailer quilt and Jenny's bags.. The girls were very busy and I don't know how they did it because we went out a lot more than usual and they still managed to sew heaps..
These are my two Splendid Sampler blocks and two very industrious stitchers - Susan and Norreen.
I managed to finish two 'chilly penguin' wall hangings, a little cake purse, two mug bags and a little other sewing that I just can not mention yet, maybe later..
Is this not a lovely photo of Noela, hello gorgeous girl...
Oh nearly forgot, I also made this little bag..

Helen's beautiful masterpiece - all in 30's fabrics.

 The famous 'Paris Quilt' - Teresa has completed a bit more - it is looking fantastic - keep up the good work...

Norreen's multi-zipper bag...lovely peacock print on the front..
Susan's beautiful window quilt.
It has been a great week and I have loved every moment.  Thanks girls for a great weekend..

Friday, 12 February 2016

Another Great Day

I had a fabulous day today with this lovely lady, Teresa.   First port of call was to check out some Vintage Sewing Machines being sold at Sewer's Delight over the next couple of days..  The owner needs to sell them for health reasons so if anyone is interested contact Sewer's Delight at Browns Plains.  Otherwise just call in and have a look, it's worth a look..
Teresa is hold one of many of her favourites...
I am checking out some of the larger ones - I think this one was $130 but I didn't buy it....damn maybe I should have.  I did not buy one machine, I just couldn't decide, too many sewing machines and so little money, and how was I going to pick just one..
Checking out some more...
I like this one, just gorgeous...
Here is a sample of how many were there..
And another example.....
ok and another photo..
I like these ones too..
Oh and these ones...
This one was $250 and just check the timber in-lay along the front... such beautiful craftsmanship.
I would have been happy with the timber boxes the machines come with... so much attention to detail...
Alright no more machine photo's, so how about one of our lunch...  yummm and the hot cross bun was toasted too.
Now the perfect way to end this perfect day - we went to the movies to see Brooklyn and I loved it and would see it again.   I loved the costumes and the old buildings and the shoes and...and...  ok just do yourself a favour and go see it.. 
So I have had a fantastic day, I didn't buy any of those gorgeous machines (I still have time though),
I saw a great film and most of all, I got to do all this with a great friend...  Thanks Teresa for coming
cya all