Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Warwick Retreat

Umm arrhhh, we went on retreat in January..  We usually don't go on retreat so early in the year but one of The Tuesday Girls thought we needed some "rest n relaxation" and of course, she was right..
We wanted to check out the accommodation in the house as we usually stay in the cabins.  I had so much fun, laughing and stitching. 
Here are the girls - left to right - Inca, Jenny, Helen, Nor, Me, Teresa and Janice..
Teresa, Nor and myself practicing 'the selfie'.. 
My bed and room buddy for the week..
Nor at her table..
Now I know there was a story I should attach to Helen's photo here, but for the life of me, I have no idea why we were laughing... The bird houses were pretty but funny - maybe
  The sewing area - looks a bit messy here but it is really very organised..
Helen and Teresa having an interesting was very know, I honestly don't know what they were talking
Janice and Jenny - with Janice's blocks behind on the design wall... 
 Helen kinda liked this chair and made herself right at home - did anyone notice the bottle of sparkly in her hands...
Lots of yummy food...
 A bit of stitching..  I finally made some of the projects from my Gail Pan book.. A Needle book and bag..
 Two wall in florals, the other in brights..
A Libby Richardson pouch..
 I have also started the quilt I will be working on this year... Welcome Home..
 Block 1 of the Welcome Home quilt..
 I had a fabulous break girls, and I did manage to get some sewing done... Best idea - EVER...
Love you girls to bits..


  1. I could have gate crashed again........If only I had known..........looks like a wonderful time again.......

  2. What a wonderful retreat you girls had, and Warwick might have been a little cooler , although that could be debated in January I guess! You are very blessed !