Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Valentine's Day

I had the best Valentine's Day yesterday.  Our stitching day this week just so happen to fall on our Tuesday get together so naturally, like the sensible girls we are, we decided that we should celebrate it together.  On a previous get together we had discussed how we had seen some really 'tacky' cards and this gave us a giggle and, of course, the theme for our valentine's day. 
I hosted the celebration at my place so I was in charge of decorating the table - a job in which I absolutely hate -
I didn't have a lot of red items so pink would just have to do... rearrange the furniture, dust off some pretty bowls and make sure everyone has their special mugs..
 When the girls turned up I made sure I had a valentine's sweetheart for the day - I gave all the girls a huge ring and asked them to be my valentine's ...  and guess what!!!!  They all said "YES"...
I received three beautiful 'tacky' valentine's day cards..
This one is from Helen...
 This one is from Teresa...
 This one is from Norreen...
Helen's arrival was pretty spectacular - she came with a rose in her mouth and a platter of rose petal covered mini mud cakes and heart chocolates...
We also had pressies on the day...lots of gorgeous, pretty and some slightly 'tacky' gifts.. 
I was spoilt big time - scented pink candle,  pink lindt choccies, pink musk sticks,  pink marshmellows, a pink little bucket, pink flowers, red roses, a kiss card holder, pink tape and two pink goodie bags with crafty bits'n'pieces  inside.  I think I have remembered everything..
I put together some items for them and put them in a homemade bag but I forgot to take a photo, so I am going to have to wait until they post about it so I can steal some photo's.  I do have a photo of the 'tacky' tag I put on the bags - lol
 Oh and I don't have a photo of the cards I made them..oh
Hubby gave me a new charm for my Pandora bracelet... it's actually two - the little heart comes out and I can wear them separately, side by side, or together.  Love it heaps - thanks sweetheart..
Now I realise I should add something crafty related to this post but all I have is a photo of some of the blocks I have been putting together for my Welcome Home quilt.  The first block is the only one stitched and the other 4 are waiting until I get back from holidays to stitch. 
Anyway - I'm off to New Zealand early tomorrow so I guess I will have a bit to post about when I get back... 
Thanks Tuesday Girls for a fabulous Valentine's day - once again lots of laughing, yummy food and great company.  Love you guys
I'm going to miss you girls while I'm


  1. Hi Sandi how much fun your valentine day was,wow love what Wayne bought you and your blocks look amazing.
    Hope you all have an amazing time in NZ my friend,safe travels.xx

  2. We did have a great day and thanks for the great gifts. Have heaps of fun on your holiday and we will miss you as well.

  3. What a fabulous time you had! Love all the presents and cards.

  4. What a hoot - your Welcome Home is going very well