Saturday, 20 May 2017

L.E.A.F Expo

The Logan Eco Action Festival...  I have always had this one on my radar, but each year we always seem to have other things on.  This year I made sure we left this date free.  As soon as we arrived we bumped into this hairy
Costa was lovely and what you see on TV is what he is like in real life.  Bonus!!
 Molly and Amelia loved this floral space, so I took a few photo's of them..

 Some henna bat skin paintings for the girls...
 Wayne and I took in the - jam making lecture with Valerie Pearson of Green Living Australia..  I have been to one of her lectures before on cheese making, so knew it would be good.
It was about making Jam with less sugar than you would do normally.  We were so hooked that we bought a kit and the book. 
Great day..
Will go to this again next year..

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