Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Warwick Retreat

Umm arrhhh, we went on retreat in January..  We usually don't go on retreat so early in the year but one of The Tuesday Girls thought we needed some "rest n relaxation" and of course, she was right..
We wanted to check out the accommodation in the house as we usually stay in the cabins.  I had so much fun, laughing and stitching. 
Here are the girls - left to right - Inca, Jenny, Helen, Nor, Me, Teresa and Janice..
Teresa, Nor and myself practicing 'the selfie'.. 
My bed and room buddy for the week..
Nor at her table..
Now I know there was a story I should attach to Helen's photo here, but for the life of me, I have no idea why we were laughing... The bird houses were pretty but funny - maybe
  The sewing area - looks a bit messy here but it is really very organised..
Helen and Teresa having an interesting was very know, I honestly don't know what they were talking
Janice and Jenny - with Janice's blocks behind on the design wall... 
 Helen kinda liked this chair and made herself right at home - did anyone notice the bottle of sparkly in her hands...
Lots of yummy food...
 A bit of stitching..  I finally made some of the projects from my Gail Pan book.. A Needle book and bag..
 Two wall in florals, the other in brights..
A Libby Richardson pouch..
 I have also started the quilt I will be working on this year... Welcome Home..
 Block 1 of the Welcome Home quilt..
 I had a fabulous break girls, and I did manage to get some sewing done... Best idea - EVER...
Love you girls to bits..

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Did I Hear Someone Say - Bowling

Tuesday, saw the girls doing something a little different..  We went 10 pin bowling, and it was so much fun.
 I love this photo of our shoes - although one of us has a more professional pair
 I am putting our score sheet up but I am hoping the print will be too little to read...
Another great day with the girls, lots of laughter, especially while we were attempting to bowl..
I think some of us need a little practice, but this just means we will have to go again..

Monday, 2 January 2017

Hello 2017

It has been really hot lately and I felt sorry for the little possum that comes and sleeps in a metal bucket on top of a cupboard we have on the back patio.  He is usually really quiet but I had heard him moving around a few times and figured he was feeling the heat too.  I had a huge watermelon in the fridge and thought he might like a piece of cool sweet melon..  He loved it and sat there eating it for ages..  He has been coming to sleep in the bucket for about a year now and is always on his own, so I presume he is a 'he'..  He never makes a noise, or makes a mess, actually he is neater than the kids..
I make sure no one moves the bucket because he is always welcome.

Today we took a drive to Hastings Point and then on to Flat Rock.
I was determined to get my feet wet and today was a good day to do it..
First stop was Hastings Point, where we had lunch at the lookout..what a beautiful spot..
 Next stop was Flat Rock - this is a lovely beach between Lennox Heads and Ballina. As you can see by the photos - it is not over run by tourists - oh wait - am I a tourist...mmm that might be one of those
The water was a beautiful shade of green - or should I say aqua and I just had to take a few photos of it.  I don't think the colour came our nearly as beautiful as it was in person. 
There is a camp ground at Flat Rock - no caravans allowed so not over crowded, and at the kiosk they had this gorgeous little bunny to play with.  He kept trying to push his nose threw the cage to have his nose scratched.  AWWWW - major crush happening here...  Both me and Amelia wanted to bring him home.  He loved being cuddled and didn't want to be put down... AWWWW - I want one..
Do you think he would get on with Maci???
This last photo set is of Amelia - she had just come back from shopping.  I remember those days when I use to dress up for shopping.  When co-ordinating my outfit was a must.  Now I'm older it's a much different story..  Oh to be young again - well at least to have the energy again...
That's all.. Hope your having a great week.. 
cya xx

Christmas Decorations

This post is more for me than you.  It is just random photos of my house when it is decorated for Christmas, so I have a record of it for future reference...
I will add this photo to start it off though - it is the grandkids Christmas tree - they get to decorate it just the way they want - I think they did a fabulous job.  They used a santa hat, reindeer antler headband, baubles, etc.  I especially like the santa suspender belt they put on the tree..  I think this tree is my favourite..

January - aka December

The Britney Spear's song - "I did it again" keeps repeating itself in my head as I am trying to get my thoughts together as to where I was up to with my blogging.  Keeping up with blogging is getting harder and harder or should I think of it as - life just keeps getting more interesting than blogging about  Either way, I am behind with my posts again.  Technically  I could say that I am a year behind but that would be stretching the truth just a little.  I have some swaps to post about and then, of course there is Christmas - where I would like to wish everyone a merry Christmas and we can't forget that I should have wished everyone a Happy New Year by now too..
So please forgive me as a cram as much as I can into this post...  If you don't wish to read my post to the end then I do wish you a Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year.
 I will catch you all next year - aka this year..

I will start with the Santa Sack Swap I participated in.  My swap partner was Kaylee of  It was a partnered swap where I made for Kaylee and she made for me..
We both chose to make totes for each other - I chose  to make a Christmas themed tote using Nutcracker fabric...
 Inside I added several goodies - a Gail Pan pincushion, two Christmas Ornies, A wall hanging and a little pouch with some trinkets inside..
For Kaylee's main present - I gave her a block keeper. 
Oh - I nearly forgot - I also put a treat inside the tote too... I chose these with the hope that they don't melt in our summer heat while in transit..
Now for what Kaylee gave me..  I received a gorgeous 'all-year round' tote - I wish I had thought to do that because I get to use mine all year and Kaylee will only get to use her one at Christmas time...
The tote was full of goodies - A very special coat hanger, a Christmas draw-string bag...
 There was also a pin cushion...
 A fabric bag - I have seen these around the blogging world but have never got round to making myself one - now I have somewhere to keep my chrissy fabrics - thanks Kaylee..
 I also received this beautiful Christmas apron - you can see there is lace on the bottom and a doily on the pocket - just tooo cute...
Thanks Kaylee for being partners with me...Looking forward to next years SSS...

The Tuesday Girls got together just before Christmas and decided to have lunch at our local café.
My son took the above photo for us but I am persistent and wanted to practice 'the selfie' before we headed out...getting better but I think I need longer
Before lunch - Teresa handed each of us a little surprise.  Lynda of had sent each of us a little pressie...
This is just the cutest tea towel - poor little owl, all caught up in the  makes it very hard not to smile when one looks at it.  The was also the most delicious Christmas cake include in the parcel...
My Christmas cake was in the shape of a stocking and boy was it yummy.  Thanks Lynda, I love your cooking and the tea towel is fantastic..
Another lovely day spent with The Tuesday Girls and lunch was great too but I will save you from the foodie photo's as this post will be huge...
My little girl is growing up way too fast.. December found her turning 16, and what does a teenager do when they turn 16 - go straight out and get her learner's permit...Oh dear...another one of my children on the roads....why cant they all stay home - wrapped up in bubble wrap...
Anyhow all the family got together and went out to dinner.. Not sure why, but I didn't take any photo's, to busy eating maybe..  Anyhow, here are a few photo's I took a couple of days earlier..
(and yes, she is now wearing make-up) (mental note to self - need to find a way to slow her growing up to a stand still)...
 I couldn't decide which photo I liked best so went with all three..
 Happy Birthday sweetheart, may all your dreams come you

A couple of mum's relatives heard that she was in town and decided to make the trip out to see her and us as well.  I will confess that I haven't seen some for a good part of a decade and others I can only remember meeting when I was a child..  Mum's family never changes.. I learnt at a very early age that when they get together, that you need to multi-task because there is usual more than one conversation going at once.  They are loud as well , cause naturally you need to talk over these multiple conversations.. This makes for a  very loud, but amusing night..
Mum's mother was one of twelve siblings and out of the twelve there is only one left alive.  Oh boy, what a character..  His name is Ray Young and his wife - Ruth.  During the night we worked out that he was my mothers uncle, so my great uncle, my daughters great great uncle and my grandsons great great great uncle... lol  - this took some working out but in one night my grandchildren met their GGG uncle...
Great uncle Ray is such a character - He is hard of hearing and a little deaf but this does not slow him down at all.  Every time one of my children turned up, he would walk up to them and say - "are you blood"..  He was trying to work out who was related and who wasn't. But every now and then he would forget who was who and would ask them again - ' are you blood'. 
Now even though he could not see much, he went outside with the men to play darts.  They directed him where to stand - in which he asked if it was the regulated distance, which it was.  He then said to point him in the right direction and then he threw a dart.  He then asked where he hit, then adjusted himself and threw another dart scoring triple 20.  The boys didn't want to play with him after
Anyhow it was a great catch up...any I think I laughed the whole time..
Left to right - Ruth, Ray, Mum, Ross (mum's brother), Me and Lorraine (Ross's wife)..

Now for the "Moore" Christmas... beware - lots of photos..
Christmas at our house has always been a huge event and this year was no exception.  My mother and step father came down from Hervey Bay for the week and all the kids and grandkids came home for a Christmas gathering..  we even managed a visit from a special visitor during the day.
I won't chat much here, but I will add lots of photos..
Around the table...
 Jaxon and Michaela..
 Amelia, James and Keelan..
 Hudson and Amelia...
 Elle, Brayden and Mike..
 Elle, Brayden and Mike again..
 Mum and Graham...
 Me and Wayne....

We are very fortunate to have a special visitor during the day and while he was here he handed out the pressies..
Everyone's a comedian and wants a photo with santa... 

 ok maybe not this one..i don't think he is impressed with santa at all..

After helping out at our place, santa went next door to deliver some gifts to the kids there.  The older one is about 8 and his siblings are 6 and 4.. The youngest one, as soon as santa arrived, called out - "it's Wayne" , but quickly changed his mind when he realised that only believers got pressies, and promptly called him
That will do for this little black duck tonight..  It's getting way past my bed time and I will just have to finish catching up another day.  I think I have December covered now and can move on to 2017..
Merry Christmas everyone (yeah I know I'm late) and Happy New Year..