Thursday, 27 October 2011

That Suitcase

I have been walking past this suitcase for about a week now...My mother went on a holiday to my Aunty Shirls place in Gladstone and on her return she left this suitcase for me to go through.  My Aunty Shirl had had a clean out and thought I would like some of the bits in it...Everytime I walked past this suitcase I thought how I should get around to looking at it......Well this is what I found...

  My Aunty obviously has inherited my style of packing...It's in the blood - if it zips up then it
The more I rummaged through this case the more I found..

How silly of me not to look at this case earlier....I thought it was looking a little like housework but how wrong can one be....I have already made plans for a few pieces - maybe a dress here and there for any future adoptions and one of the materials just screams - clown - to me...I am so lucky to have a wonderful Aunty.....I am feeling very spoilt at the moment.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Dream Angel

Adoption of another little angel has been successful.  This little one came to me from Homespun & Beautiful and I just new she was going to fit in just perfectly.  I always tend to - do my own thing - when it comes to patterns - this time besides  changing the hair and colour of her outfit, I also didn't include the wings. I know she is an angel, and she needs no reminding all the time that she is one.  I have made her a new necklace as a welcoming gift so she will feel wanted.  I wonder if she has any siblings out there.  I may be on the look out for a playmate or two for her...mmm might go back to Homespun & Beautiful to find out.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

I Love Unexpected Surprises

My darling Hubby today surprised me with a vase of flowers which he placed on my bedside table.  He had been wondering around our garden and came across the red roses - my favourite flower of all...and thought of me.  They smell beautiful.  I think he is just wonderful - (and the praise is not because he is sitting beside me while I write this). 
Yes I know there is a DMC thread on my table near the vase.....they just kinda turn up everywhere...I think they multiply...I find them on the bed, the carpet, my clothes and even stuck to the cat...

Christmas SewHappy.Me Sew Along

Four blocks down and three to go...I love teddies and love the fact that this little guy will be part of the finished product.

Friday, 14 October 2011

18 weeks and counting...

Two weeks to go to find out the sex of the baby....getting very excited.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Teddy Bears Picnic

Tiny teddies wanted to come to the first picnic, ( I know they arn't really teddies, but I just couldn't break their little hearts and tell them they were not actual teddies, I don't think it hurts to dream).  Anyhow as you can see we only needed one tim tam between the lot... They were very lucky to get that to tell the truth, my kids were getting ready for school and kept asking what was going to happen to the tim tam when the teddies were finished with it....mmm now let me see, where could it have possibly gone...Fairies?

Lets go see who else is at the picnic..thanks Melody.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

You Gotta Laugh

My mum, Lori and step-father, Graham have a visitor, Rose staying with them for a few weeks...Rose is from England and this is her first visit to Australia.  One of her passions is knitting so I suggested she may like the Craft Extravaganza at Mt. Tamborine.  Everyone agreed that this would be  great and so they headed down to my place so we could all go up together in one car.  We took the ute thinking that this would be the bigger car as we figured room was going to be an issue. Well I have never seen anything so funny in all my life...The three piled into the back one by one, each having to buckle the other one up as they moaned and groaned until they settled into the back seat..What some people will do to go to a craft show amazes me and everyone once in was in high spirits to get going.  I just had to take a photo of the happy bunch...Rose is on the left, Lori in the middle and Graham, well you can tell which one was he as he is the only male in the picture.  The angle of the photo is not very flattering but as you can see they didn't mind being photographed.
By the way, we had a lovely time up the mountain.

Sew Happy.Me Sew Along

I have two finished stitcheries to put up today - week 2 and 3.  Thanks again Sew Happy.Me.  I will try and keep up from now on. I have been practicing my satin stitch whenever I get the chance...some are good and others, well lets just say, done look tooo

Monday, 10 October 2011

Mondays At Homespun & Beautiful

Look who we have here...yes thats you Trish and Jenny....For anyone who doesnt know, I hold a gathering of like minded - talented - ladies like myself who love to sew, eat...and maybe sew a little bit more.  Hence the name of the group - Sew Moore With Sandi.  Today we were making a Disappearing Nine Patch Tablerunner (well I hope thats what it is called),  anyway as you can see the girls are holding up some of their pieces.  Don't they look great, the fabrics look great too...It's such a hard life - just having to go work at Homespun & Beautiful, surrounded by lovely fabrics and wonderful people..I know somebody just has got to do it, it may as well be me..hehehe.  

PS....Marilyn, you disappeared before I took a

Nice People Nice Things

I have completed two of the 54 sayings, so let me see, that would make it 52 sayings to go and 48 stitcheries to   I can never decide which one I should do next, though I have noticed I tend to swing towards my mood at the time...if I'm hungry I pick food ones....I havent finished these two off properly yet as I have another use for them so I wont be putting the sayings with the stitcheries when all is done...I will show you when I have worked it out...and hubby is going to help me too...mmm wonder what that could mean.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Craft Extravagnza - Mt Tamborine

I have just spent  lovely morning up at Mt.Tamborine with Marilyn, visiting the Craft Extravaganza. We first made sure we had enough stamina to cope with our morning by filling up on morning tea at one of the lovely cafes on the mountain...mmm yummy.   This was my first visit to the extravaganza and I was in many lovely things to be credit card wanted to run away but I kept it right were it should be - in my hand waiting to pay for something else.  I'm glad we had something to eat before going in because a person could starve from putting off eating to look at more items on display. I found this beautiful basket that I knew I just had to know those occassions where it would be life or death if you missed out on it.. I'm not sure what I am going to use it for yet...

This is what else I just had to have... at the back - a beautiful bag,  and in front some lovely smelly decorations - my favorite smell is rose so I was tickled pink to find rose smelling bags and hangers, to the right down in front - is a little cupcake pin cushion and on the left in front is a card holder (this is for my credit card so maybe it wont feel like running away again), and a few other nic nacs...
Marilyn had a ball too, she did most of her christmas shopping while we were there....I wish I was that organised.   My car never smelled so beautiful. I will definitely be back next year...

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Well Surprise, surprise, surprise

Look what I found this cold morning, -  more baby chicks.  Mother hen is a frizzle and what a mother she is too...she will hatch out anything I put under her...she has even been known to hatch out duck eggs.

I love it when they climb all over her, just like real children...

There are five little chicks so far, but she is still sitting on two eggs, so I will check again this arve.


Hello Saffron, my newest member to my blogging site.  I just love making dolls, they seem to all have their own personality.  Saffron is from Candlelight Creation's.  She is not  large by all means but she has lots of gumpsion.  She sells flowers during the day so she can spend time with her children at night.  She loves to cook and to read a good book while sitting in her garden.  Unfortunately she is a widower, she lost her true love to the sea many years ago, but she doesn't let this get her down.  I suppose thats why she loves flowers so much, because of their beautiful smells and goes on.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Sew Happy.Me Sew-a-Long

I have joined the Sew Happy Sew-A-Long , it's seven small christmas stitcheries, one given every week for seven weeks.  At the end of it I should, if I can keep up, will have a banner to hang up for chirstmas, and I do love christmas.  Block 1 completed.  Thanks SewHappy.Me.

16 weeks and counting...

Nearly half way there..

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Sewing Angel Toolstore

I have finished another project this weekend...Sewing Angel Toolstore (Hatched and Patched).  I had a lot of fun making it and will put it to good use.  Instead of appliqueing a sewing machine on the front cover, I put one of my giggle buttons I have been saving for something special..