Tuesday, 30 April 2013

I Don't Want To Play This Game Anymore

The Tuesday Girls....
MMM well I have no photos to put up today just a little story...
You see today The Tuesday Girls played this silly game of counting the number of UFO's we currently have on the go..
We laughed so much today - firstly bravely adding to our own lists off the top of our heads and then when we realised how long our lists were we changed tactics and dobbed in each other to make someone elses list longer than our own.
It got to the point where we were afraid to talk because it brought on some memory of a UFO that someone else may have forgotten to add to their list..
One Girl - no name - LAUREL - started with proudly stating she had only two UFO's waiting to be finished.  By the end of the day we had her up to nine.  hehehe.
Now this got pretty serious at one stage with all of us rumaging through our hosts- Helen - sewing room to find UFO's in which she may have forgotten to add to her list.
We did have rules - having an untouched kit did not count but if you have actually cut material for a project then that was added to the list as a UFO.
I think we all realised that we all have a serious problem and maybe we should join a project-aholics group somewhere.  I came away with a list of about 13 - and this number was a bit of an eye opener.
We all decided that when we got home we were to go through our boxes, draws etc and write down a factual list.  Well I have decided that I don't wont to play anymore...my total today has come to 24 so far.  Thats 24 unfinished projects with most of them being quilts. What was I thinking or is the problem that I wasn't thinking. How did this number get so big.  I did joke today about turning some of mine into cushion covers, wall hangings, bags and after looking at this pile I am seriously thinking of doing that.  We also laughed at the idea that if we did not want to finish something that we could pass it to someone else and this would be added to their UFO's list.
Surely our group is not the only group out there with this affliction...we can't possible be alone with a rediculous amount of UFO's to finish...are we??????
A second list was discussed with regards to projects we intend to start but have not done anything about except either by having purchased a pattern or book - I am too scared to even think of this list now - I just don't want to know...
And yes I can hear you all - why is she sitting here typing this blog when she could be sitting in the sewing room working on a UFO.....DENIAL...one of the first stages of learning one has a problem...lol
Well I hope you have enjoyed this little story...I am going now to put my head in the sand...lol

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

A couple of finished blocks....

Just a quicky post....not much chatter just a few piccies....
Harvest Gathering blocks 4, 5, 6 and 7....

Time for Christmas (from the Homespun Magaizine BOM) blocks 2 and 3....

And Summertime....  That's all folks....I did warn you that there was little chatter...cya

Sunday, 21 April 2013

A Busy Weekend

Well here I sit, tired as usually, reminissing over the weekend...longing for a nana nap...
My three boys went to the Supernova on Saturday down at the Gold Coast...
From left to right - Keelan, Jaxon, someone I don't know, and James...
James dresses up every year in some aname character, please don't ask me who but I think he is someone from the Vampire Night series...

This is his costume before he left home....I even had to die his hair black for the day...
I don't know where he gets his compulsiveness from - if only he was interested in fabric....lol


While the boys were at Supernova, we - Wayne, Amelia, Hudson and myself paid a visit to Meg (Wayne's mother and Hudson's great nana)..

Hudson enjoyed running around his great nana's unit, although I tried not to freak out when he went near the railings....we were very high and I don't go near the windows or balcony myself, so you can imagine how I felt during our visit...I did stay calm on the outsided and I had Wayne there to help with Hudson..
While there, Meg gave me this beautiful woollen rug. It was spun on an old spinning wheel by Alvah (Megs Brother) and hand dyed by his wife Yvonne and then woven by Alvah on a frame he had made under his house.  It was hard to get a good photo of it so I hope you can see it. It has a lovely soft feel to it and is very heavy. I don't want the kids to use it so I will put it on display somewhere, just not sure where yet...

Hudson had a sleep over Saturday night so we decided to introduce him to pumpkin scones for morning tea.....he loved sitting outside while we ate.

Now I did get some sewing done last week, remember I said I was too lazy last blog to take any photos of my projects...
I finally took those photos..
The first one is a new dolly dress for my doll...I know  - most people make a new doll but I have this one I like to play dress-up with...This is her third dress that I have made for her (mind you - she still had her christmas dress on before this one).

A new 12inch mini quilt for my stand - the only other one I had was a christmas one so I did need something else to put there.

And last but not least...two little tiny quilts to show off some pretty buttons...
They are about 5cm squared....  I had fun making these and it was a good way to use up the little hangers I found in my stash of bits n pieces - and it was also a great way to show off some buttons.
I think I will make more of these - they look great on my wall unit..

That's it for me, time for that nana nap....hope everyone is having a good weekend...I am hoping to sleep what's left of my weekend....cya

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

A Tuesday Girl's Birthday and A First Swimming Lesson....

Norreen is our latest Birthday Girl....and guess what she is holding in her hands...could it be, it might be....is it one of Helen's beautiful Tags.....I think it is....and doesnt she look very pleased too I might add....lol 
Norreen is not a FIS gal so we cannot take her off the 'Do Not Have One List' and put her on the 'Have One'  list...lol 
I didn't get a photo of all her pressies - what was I thinking (maybe of the cake that Helen had made for the day)...  Doesn't it look delicious....it has a pineapple filling with cream and pineapple on top...
OMG....I love it when the girls bake....we need more members for the Tuesday Girls because we NEED more birthdays to celebrate....maybe another mmmm 52 (that should cover one a week)..
There is a little story that goes with this cake tooo....It was Helen's husband - Gav's Birthday on Tuesday as well and you see she made us this cake and bought him a little one from coles...lol
I could just imagine the look on his face when she walked out the door with this cake that was not made for him on his birthday....No she is not a mean person - his celebration was later that night, but it did sound funny.....or maybe we are just very very special friends....and now all The Tuesday Girls have a tag to prove it...lol

Now you see it...now you don't....one piece left.....mmmm who should get the last slice....no no we didn't fight over it, we sent this bit home for Gav...mind you Helen did have to leave real fast before we changed our minds...

I was also the special recipient of another pressie for my birthday.
Teresa gave me this beautiful little bird for my wall unit and some gorgeous fabric  and if you look in the back ground - yes you would be right - it's - CHOCOLATE.....
Am I a lucky girl or what....don't answer that....lol  Thank you heaps Teresa (Cassie) I love my gifts and sorry choccies are already gone....

Now for some grandson pics....Today was his very first swimming lesson...My daughter and grandson got into the pool and.....Do you think he enjoyed himself ?...

I think he was the only little one there with his own cheer squad...I got to go and watch and so did his pop and his uncle....we took heaps of photo's and video's (being very careful to only catch him and Elle on film).

I think I might have to get in there with him next time....it was great hearing him laughing and splashing...
Move over Mummy - it's Nana's turn....lol

I am sorry this has been another one of my long blogs, I think I eat to much sugar and my mind just races, I sometimes have to run to keep up with it...
Or maybe it is because I am feeling alot better and can't wait to participate in the world again...I wonder if their is any cake left????  

Monday, 15 April 2013

Last Week

I have been a little slack with postings lately - so I plan on doing a quick rundown on events and stitching from last week...
We took our grandson to Seaworld last week...near the pool area we found this amazing tree walk and maze..

Hudson thought this was fantastic...I had to crawl through tunnels (wet ones at that) on my hands and knees and climb over things and go under things - it was sure a sight to be seen and a good work out..
Here is poppy and Hudson laughing at me trying to take a photo of them without letting go of the ropes and desperately trying NOT to look down....

Hudson also loves the underground viewing area of the aquarium...I think he likes the big sharks the most...He was thinking - If I could just get a bit closer I could catch one....lol

And what day wouldn't be complete without a merry-go-round ride...now this is more like it - ground level is only one step away - solid ground beneath the feet....I can handle this ride...

I did get a little sewing done - not too much though - been stuck in bed with a virus....I have just reached the boohoo part where I am so over this and now it has to go away and leave me alone..
I am a bit late starting my - 12 months of Christmas - that I have been doing with Suzi of http://stitchscrapsew.blogspot.com.au/.   Sorry Suzi - I know this was for March but I will try to catch up...this is the start of my tablerunner...

I have done a couple of other little sewing project but I don't have photos of them at the moment and just can't be bothered getting out of bed to take a photo of them so I will leave them until next time..
I must admit I am feeling better today than I have been so I must be on the mend...and it has been great to have some time to brouse other blogs - which I have visited quite a few lately just havent left personal comments on them...so thank you to all you bloggers, you have entertained me heaps over the weekend, and there are some great projects being blogged about - might have to add some things to my to do list...oops Sorry Suzi - will do the tablerunner first....promise...bye

Friday, 5 April 2013

Birthday Pressies

A big thank you to all the girls from Friends In Stitching and a very big thank you to Sarah for my special pressies.
It all started with the beautiful butterfly paper wrapped around my pressie...oooh can't wait to open it..

Once the wrapping was ripped off (in no formal manner, mind you) it revealed this beautiful bag filled with goodies.
The bag is perfect with several pockets on the inside - one side has a zipper pocket, and on the other side there are more pockets as well as a scissor pocket. I love the scissor pocket idea because I know when I reach into the bag I won't be stabbing myself with loose scissors...very clever.

Here is a - not so good - photo of the inside. Can you see the scissor pocket?

Now I can hear you saying - where is the saying?
On the other side of the bag of course, where else would you find it...lol

And what was inside the bag....well let me tell you....

A notepad (already unpacked and put next to my sewing maching), four threads kept in a tidy case (I had white cotton written on my notepad already - mental note to cross that off now..lol),
A beautiful Cornflower Needlecase pattern from Hatched and Patched with the fabric already preprinted (can't wait to start this one), some very handy pins (another thing to cross off my list) and of course some choccies (all gone, so sad, to bad...lol)....
If you notice the card in the background has a butterfly on it to match the wrapping paper..too cute..
I love my pressies Sarah, thank you very much and the bag is just perfect - I am going to show it off at the next gathering of The Tuesday Girls.
Well thats it for me today...all tuckered out after spending the day with the kids and grandson and hubby and eating way tooooo much food...time to chill out and rest.
This day has been just perfect...and thank you everyone for all my birthday wishes...

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Celebrating My Birthday With The Tuesday Girls

I have just got to start this post with this......guess what I am????
I am one of those 'special' friends of Helens.  Yes I have been upgraded from Friend to Special Friend cause I got a tag now to prove it...Oh Helen you shouldn't have, it really wasn't necessary, I do know I am a special friend without the tag.....lol
It is just beautiful....and it's all MINE.....mine you hear, nobody elses.....

But thats not all....you see I was very spoilt today...or is it spoiled (I can never remember).
Norreen (she is in the background) was in a very cheeky mood and gave me this tag in which she found on her luggage the night before...she was telling us how she was looking at her suitcases and saw the tag and thought how she had to give it to me...She is looking very naughty there, isnt she..

This is what Norreen wrote on the tag...(and I kept it of course...).

This was not the only thing that Norreen gave me.  She gave me this gorgeous teapot and cup that sits on a beautiful stand...it is going to look great on my bookcase.   Sorry bunnies, easter is over, time to go back in the cupboard and let the pressies own a spot on the shelf.

Laurel made me feel very special today too...I may have mentioned that Laurel loves to bake, well she did a little baking on my behalf....A scrummy Victorian Sponge and delicious scones, all baked at home by Laurel, served with homemade Raspberry jam which her hubby had made..
I think I could move in here..

Laurel gave me this beautiful plate (more items for the bookshelf) and a lovely notepad.  I am the note queen, I write notes for everything so this will come in handy so hence it won't make it to the shelf.  I made use of the plate during the day by putting my choccies (from Helen) on it.

Perrrfect...and yummy...

I hope I haven't forgotten anything...Oh did I mention that I got a tag from Helen...I think I did but just in case - I GOT A TAG FROM HELEN - I have officially been tagged and Helen - you needn't have gone to so much trouble of making me one....NOT....lol
Thanks girls, I had a lovely day and am feeling the love (no its not from lack of sleep)...

Monday, 1 April 2013

A Little Holiday Shopping

I have just come back from visiting relatives from Hervey Bay to Gladstone...and while away I called into a couple of shops....you know the kind......the sort where your hubby waits ever so patiently in the car while you duck inside...
The first store was at Hervey Bay - The Dew Drop In...lovely shop and I did spend a little money there..
If you look carefully then you will notice the book - Red Home - that everyone has been making their lovely projects from lately.  I have loved seeing what everyone has been making and hence just had to add this one to my collection. 

Then we travelled up to Bundaberg to visit The Quilting Shack, and to say hello to one of the Friends In Stitching girls.  This time Hubby left me there  while he took a tour around the Rum Distillery...pretty good trade if you ask me...I get to go shopping and he gets to smell rum being made..lol
I made chose a few fabrics and laces while there and low and behold I was given this lovely bag to put my purchases in...you see apparently you get one when your a 'Special Friend' of Jenny's...lol
The ladies at The Quilter's Shop were wonderful and even entertained my mother (non-sewer) while I got lost in the shop.  I am so sorry I have no photos of my visits to anywhere, I packed my camera for the trip but kept forgetting to get it out of the suitcase...oh well maybe next time.
Thanks again Jenny for my Friendship Bag...lol

The fabric and lace...can't wait to use them..

Now I did take a photo of our outing to The Town of 1770...
Hubby and youngest daughter admiring the sights...

What a pretty place..

Ok thats it for now...its been a very long weekend and I need a rest...Hope everyone had a lovely weekend and a great easter...cya