Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Tasmania Day 6

Shopping is the only thing on our agenda today, so we plan on making a good day of it.
Found this little number hanging in window, lovely use of the Suffolk puff.
Photos do not do it justice..
After popping in and out of shops, Amy was starting to tire, so she relaxed on the pillows in the mall.  They may look soft but are rather hard - she informs me they were comfortable though.
I have been wanting to visit The Umbrella Shop since arriving in Tasmania and couldn't wait to check it out.

Such a lovely old building, I'm glad it had been saved from modernisation.
The ladies inside were very helpful, opening the umbrellas so I could choose one..
It didn't make it any easier though, too many favourites.. What's a girl to do?
Get three of course... Lol
Here are my other purchases .. A new bag, trousers, shirt and jacket.. 
Oh and I also bought a couple of trinkets including a miniature tea cup and saucer (patterned with roses of course... My all time favourite flower)..
Not to bad for a days effort if I do say so myself.. 

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Tasmania Day 5

Day 5 saw us heading towards Launceston, first stop The Bay of Fires.
Another pretty bay.. I have mentioned this before but incase you missed it, the Orange on the rocks is Lichen not paint.
Very picturesque.
The water is crystal clear - but icy cold..
Checking out the water and rocks.
Look - it's an anemy, an anenomy, an anemone - a Red Sea creature... Lol
Lots of lichen.
Trying to take a selfie... Husband was acting the child...I'll deal with him later...
We took a detour along the way to Launceston, finding ourselves in George Town.. Now what should one do when they find themselves in George Town - I'm glad you asked.... Head to Patchwork Plus of course.  I met Sarah there.  Sarah owns Patchwork Plus and is also a member of Friends In Stitching, an online sewing group that I am lucky enough to be a member of.  I use the word " lucky" because they let me in the group before finding out how mischievous I could be, after all I am friends of the famous "naughty" one - Helen...this should have been a dead give away to my character... Lol
Now you might have noticed that during our trip so far, I have not made one purchase of the fabric kind, so today I got my fix.  I don't have a photo of the lovely Sarah or the shop - naughty me - I'll put it down to being 'over excited' about being in a fabric shop.. I will try to get one Later in the week.
Here is what I bought today..some pretty charm packs.
Some Sue Daley papers, a gorgeous fob and a beautiful pendant to add to my miniature quilt block collection. No idea why blogger has decided to turn my photos, oh well.
We arrived in Lauceston thus afternoon and after settling into our room decided to take a quick stroll around town.  You know me and buildings, well I just had to take a picture of this one.  I'd love to live in something like this, I'd even settle for - oh I don't know - maybe just the top floor... Lol (tell her, she's dreaming - busted - I'm watching The Castle while typing this). Great movie...
This will do for today, need some sleep and I've promised the daughter that we will go shopping tomorrow and I think I will need my strength to keep up with her.  
Catchya all later...

Tasmania Day 4

Today we left Port Arthur and headed to Coles Bay - the next stop on our trip.  On the way we came across Spikey Bridge... Another amazing man made structure from years gone by...
This bridge although not used for regular traffic anymore is still able to be driven on... Or climbed on if
you are my daughter..(and yes there is a big drop behind her)...
After checking into our accommodation at Coles Bay, we headed to the bay.  Boy was it windy and cold.  We didn't realise how windy it was until we tried to get out of the car - my door tried to take off on its coat wouldn't stay on and talk about having a bad hair day... Lol
Here is a photo across the bay.
We then headed into Bicheno where we played at the beach - mainly checking out the Blow Hole.
Excuse the French - but bloody freezing - my fingers got so cold that I had trouble chatting to some friends on Facebook.  They just so happen to choose the moment we arrived at the beach to have a 
Conversation.  I almost didn't get out of the car (I knew it would be cold) but one of them called me a whimp - no names of course ( hey Cathy?).  
Wayne and Amy climbing on the rocks.. By the way, if you see Orange on the rocks, it's not paint, it's lichen... 
Still being silly...
Now it was time for our penguin tour...
They are too cute, wouldn't they make great pets, except I think they might bite, there beaks are pretty sharp.
That's it for day 4, another exhausting day...
Cheers xxx

Monday, 26 October 2015

Tasmania Day 3

This post is a day late because there was no internet or phone service for my phone down Port Arthur way.
On Sunday we left Hobart and headed towards Port Arthur, stopping first in Sorell for a local market.
Our second stop was at Pirate Bay, and although this place was beautiful I thought I might just be lucky to see Captain Jack Sparrow, but no not a pirate in sight... Oh well..
We did visit The Tesselated Pavements on the beaches at Pirate Bay.  Wow these natural formations are just brilliant.  
A view from up high.
On closer inspection.
More exploring...

Still exploring ..
It's like a huge block wall has fallen down.
Ok one more photo - I liked this place.. 
And one more - a selfie...
Ok we needed to drag ourselves away from here to go on our adventure cruise..
We did one of the Tasman Island Cruises and I wily recommend them to anyone.
The captain - Mike - ( not Jack Sparrow) was a true comedian and an expert boat handler, we had a ball.. 
This is the boat we went in..( pinch the photo from the brochure). 
Here we are in our pretty suits...
The water was so clear and clean, if it wasn't for the temperature you would want to go swimming.
Here are some (too many to post all the pics) of what we saw.

This photo shows how blue the water was..
We also saw three whales, heaps of seals, two albatross and if course dolphins. 
After our cruise we had a little rest before heading off to our Ghost Tour at Port Arthur.  I didn't take any photos from here as it was night and I did not want to come home and find out there were ghost shadows in my photos.  Yep chicken shit here.  The tour guide did an amazing job at scaring the pajeevers out of me. I did enjoy looking around the old buildings and again would recommend this tour to anyone.  I'm have trouble with my phone service dropping in and out at the drop of a hat.  Hopefully tonight I will have good coverage and can check my typing skills and comments.. 

Saturday, 24 October 2015

Tasmania Day 2 continued...

After walking around the markets (3 times) and snooping down the lane ways, we decided to go back to Kelly street and follow where it would take us.. The street at the top of the stairs was like stepping back In time.  I could have taken a thousand photos of all the gorgeous cottages here and their beautiful gardens but I was in awe so much I forgot to take any..silly me.
I did manage to get a photo of the bakery at the end of the street... 
Did I go in??? Yep I sure did but this was mistake because now I HAD to buy something and by the looks of it, I think maybe two or three purchases was needed.. Now seeing I had had Brekky and Brekky dessert, what should I call this - morning tea?  Lol
Should I buy from this counter?
Or this one?
So glad Wayne and Amy are here, we bought three items to share later - yeah that's right... No room left in the tummy at the moment...
Another lovely building on the way back to the markets..
This one is a book store and Amy was in her element.  Book stores are her favourite place and we had trouble getting her to leave it..
We spent 5 and a half hours walking around the markets and looking at the buildings, what should we do now?  Mmm something that requires sitting - a ferry ride?  Yep this old girl looks interesting and they even give you lunch .
Views from the ferry. Mt Wellington.
Lunch was great, the ferry was great and sitting down for an hour and a half was fantastic ... Now what ... Road trip..
Sight seeing around Richmond..
I love the Richmond Bridge built in 1823 and I think it's great being a little on the wonky side...
 A walk around Old Harbour Town Miniature Village... 
More of the little village..
Ok just one more of the village..
Now I didn't take any photos but I did go into the Christmas shop and I know it's hard to believe but I did not buy anything, only because I wanted to buy everything and couldn't work out how to get it home.. And again I was marvelling at the old building housing the Christmas goodies...
 I'm tired now - at "home" ( for the night anyway ) and I want to fondle my purchases - can't show you what I bought cause some of it are for gifts..
Mmm I think I bought some Tassie fudge, now where did I put that bag?