Monday, 23 November 2015

October and November

Wow - time is just flying by and I have a little blogging to catch up with..The following post is not going to be written in the correct order of events but I have narrowed the time frame down to the last
two months...
Last year I had finished this table runner and figured that I had better finish it off for this Christmas - a year between finishing the top and quilting seems pretty reasonable in my books...
It's quite large so taking a photo of it was not the easiest thing to do.
I had an unfinished quilt top hanging around and thought, with a little trimming, that it would make a great backing for my table runner... It now has a Christmas side and a Fall/Autumn side..
I am still, slowly, stitching Christmas Bunting from Rosalie Quinlan - I have completed all the letters in 'christmas' and I only have three letters left in 'merry'.  I am pretty confident I will have this completed by Christmas 2016
My sewing room has been a little 'messy' lately with bits and pieces everywhere..always running out of room. I have a set of drawers in there (full of fabric) and an assortment of shelves collected along the way but the one thing I didn't have was air-conditioning.  After a discussion with hubby - me saying that I couldn't fit a unit in and him saying there had to be a solution - he decided to inspect my sewing room.  I waiting in another room - waiting for some remark about how much 'stuff'' I had in there..  Well I can report he did very well, not one comment was made with regards to all my 'crap' errr umm 'very important purchases'.  phew!!!
My messy - well used - desk...
My cutting bench - you can just make out the cutting mat under all that stuff..  In my defence - I had been sorting out Christmas swaps and purchases and so it is a little messier than usual.
Anyhow, hubby came back into the room I was waiting patiently in and announced that a trip to ikea was needed and that I needed a new shelving system, that way I could fit an air-conditioner in. A man after my own heart...  While I got ready he measured my room, desk, floor space and off we went.
This is how my room looks now - I have all my fabric in view - yes I realise I have a problem but that is another matter.   I have a space about the shelves where the air-con will go. (It is currently sitting in my laundry waiting for instillation - I think he has beem making the brackets for the outside bit).
It is still a little messy - I am still sorting out Christmas 'stuff'.
I have new larger shelves that go all the way to the ceiling..
Underneath my cutting table, all the odd assortment of filing cabinets, draws etc have been replaced with another two shelving systems...
Over all my room is looking pretty good if I do say so myself..  It took me forever to get everything out. Oh boy - I think I need help - I came across things I had forgotten I had, hence the above mentioned table runner being finished off..  I am still tweaking things to my fancy but I don't mind that and I have sorted out all the Christmas stuff now so my desk is clear - scouts honour...  I love being able to see all my fabric, makes me all warm and tingly - yep definitely need help.
Thank you sweetheart - I love what you have done and that you don't even flinch when it comes to my little problem... 
Now on another subject - in October, The Tuesday Girls decided to drive up to Gatton to go to the Christmas In The Country show.  We have had a long time "fan" of the girls in The Tuesday Group and found out she was going to have a stall at this show.  So plans were made between us and Desley to meet up on the Friday at her stand..   
Look at these lovely ladies...always so much fun..
Well we found the show, found Desley's stand but did not find Desley... We spent quite a bit of time at the show, looking, buying, eating but still now Desley.  Oh well, maybe next year.. Here is Desley's  stand - note the bunting hanging up - it is the exact one that I have been stitching. There was a lovely array of Annie Smith dolls, Christmas dolls, stitcheries etc, but no Desley.  I'm sure this just means we will have to return another day.
 On the journey back home, Teresa thought it would be a great idea to attempt a selfie in the car...not too bad for a group of novices and one driving to
Helen knew of a place we could stop at on the way home... Well you can not expect us to drive all the way home without making a pit stop somewhere, after all Gatton is a whole hour from 
This place sounds good - right up our alley don't you think..
On Thursday, Helen and I had an impromptu outing.  I have been feeling out of sorts lately and a day out seemed like a good idea.  Norreen had work and Teresa is off jet setting, so that just left the two of us.   We headed to Springfield Lakes where we checked out spotlight and walked around chatting. 
After a while of checking out this and that we thought we deserved a much needed lunch, but where.
We ended up walking around the centre twice, thinking we had seen a café somewhere but not the ones we had found.  Nope, they must have moved it after our first lap of the mall cause we just could not find it..  Now what??  Ok lets check out the café in Target.. mmmm look - they do high teas for two - perfect..
Here I am waiting patiently for Helen to take the photo...

 My turn to take a photo. 
I must say that I was rather impressed with Targets High Tea.  We had sandwiches and yummy light and fluffy scones with real cream and jam.  We added two little cupcakes to our meal, which we realllly didn't need but did just cause we can.  The high tea was good value too...with our cups cakes the total was $25 - $12.50 each.  Now that I think about it, I wonder if any of the girls are available for lunch today???
Well that's all for today, I will try and post a bit more regularly.  I have been doing a little secret santa sewing lately so am unable to put up any of those photos but with that now all sorted I will get back into the rhythm of things..  Hope you all have a great day and stay out of the heat...

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Tasmania Day 11

Woohoo, last post for our Tassie holiday..  It feels like I have been doing these for
We started the day off with having our morning tea on the porch in front of our cottage.  Please note - in the photo my hubby is wearing a jacket and jeans. That was yesterday and today, now back in Brisbane, I have the air con going because it is just to hot...
It was recommended to us to visit Mona on our way back to the airport, but we were a little early for it and the museum and winery were not open.  We did get a chance to walk around the lovely grounds though and they did have some interesting pieces.  Not a good photo but this one is like a tepee that you walk into and then a story starts to narrate. 
Then we came across this artwork - it was a semi-truck with a cement mixer on the back.  This photo does not do it justice so I will show you a couple of close ups to give an idea of how intricate it was...
Here is one of the wheels...
Trying to get a better photo - its just too big, actually it is probably true to size...
The wheel of the cement mixer.
Showing the wheels of both vehicles... someone has too much time on their hands...
We then headed into Hobart for morning tea....  I haven't finished eating my way around Tassie.
I wonder if I can fit another shop in before we really need to leave for the airport...just one???
Lots of lovely fabrics inside...
More lovely fabrics....
I did manage to buy just a couple of pieces, not my normal style of fabrics but I was looking for ones to fussy cut, so I am hoping these will work well.
I love this - we were entering the "Hug zone" at the airport....
Now I'm home and Maci is definitely glad to see me, not leaving my side on my return.  I have given
her heaps of cuddles and scratches. 
Well this brings me to the end of our Tasmanian Holiday, I'm glad to be home but boy I had a ball.
I got to meet the lovely Friends In Stitching girls, and saw some amazing places (some I will never forget), eat some delicious foods and had some fantastic adventures. Hubby got to play on some unforgettable golf courses and darling daughter had an amazing holiday she will remember forever.   I might touch up a few spots as I remember things I had forgotten to mention but no more big blogs. Oh I did tell hubby I will add some more of his golf photos (Barnbougle and The Lost Farm) ones, hopefully this wont confuse anyone too much...
That's all from this weary traveller...
Catchya all later.

Tasmania Day 10 - part 3

Now if you are not into golf then you may want to jump to part 2, but if you like countryside photos then you may like to stay and look past the
Ratho Farm and its many old buildings date back to the early 1800's, settlement dates were noted to be in 1822.
We chose Ratho Farm to stay at because of the golf course, I didn't know how much I was going to love this place too.  I will keep this post to the golfing side of things, that way my hubby will have photos in my blog book for a keepsake too.
Ratho Farm was started in
Wayne imitating the Ratho logo.
 Outside the Ratho Clubhouse, this is not in use anymore with golfers using the homestead to meet up.
 Wayne teeing off.  I'm not going to even pretend that I know which hole this was...
 Wayne again..
 Another hole..or is it par.?
 Looking down one of the greens..
 Cameron putting..
 Wayne putting..
 I love the Par markings - a pair of shears were makers for each par..
 A view from the course..
The boys played with sheep on the course during one of the holes. (I wasn't with them at that stage so no photos)..
 The homestead in the background.
 Cam waiting his turn to putt..
I need to add a story here.  There were two cows along one of the fairways - a mother and calf - you know the sort - I think they are highland cows - big horns, long hair.  Anyhow Cameron had had a bad experience with cows before, you see he is a surveyor and he recalled a time when he had to grab his theodolite and jump a fence due to an unhappy We had a good laugh at this story and the jokes got a little silly when they boys and myself had to walk past the two highland cows..  They were very placid but Cameron made Wayne (his little brother) go first with me coming up behind..
The cows were not interested in us - the calf busily feeding until Wayne decided to 'Moo' - the mother cow raised her head and looked at us.  I laughed but growled at Wayne for stirring the cow up and Cameron nearly had an accident, and not of the good kind...  lol   We got past, not problem at all, the cows were very placid, I'm sure I could have patted them but I didn't..  Nice to know little brothers are good for protecting big brothers when needed.
I don't usually walk around golf courses, actually I think I have only ever been at hubby's local course once and that was to drive the golf cart and check out the scenery, but I thoroughly loved walking around this one.   The neighbouring fields held sheep and the lambs and you could hear them bleating as you walked around.
 Crossing one of the many little bridges.   I might add that usually when you walk around a golf course you don't have to close gates before you move on to the next par but here you do.  Ratho has been kept in traditional fashion where sheep came first so each fairway is fenced and the greens are fences again.  Lots of gates and fences.  The boys thought this was fantastic, referring it to being like when they were kids playing golf around the family home and having obstacles and 'out of bounds' penalties...  Not a serious game of golf (except for the sibling rivalry) and they did keep score and, in normal golfers behaviour,  shook hands when it was over.   Even though I am not their mother, I knew she would be pleased to see her sons having such fun and enjoying each others company. I know I would have been feeling that warm and fuzzy feeling when one sees her children playing so well..   (I might add this behaviour is normal for these two - but there is a lot of rivalry there too)..

Tasmania Day 10 - part 2

Ratho Farm - The Oldest 'Still In Use' Golf Course in Australia..
Bothwell, pictures speak a thousands words but I will add my own comments..
This place had me in awe - I felt at home here, surrounded by beautiful countryside, gorgeous buildings and history to the max...grab a coffee, sit down and let your eyes be treated by some fantastic sights..
This was to be our home for the night - an early settlement home/convict house. 
I want ok - three little words you will hear a lot during this post...
 Our porch for the night..
 Our bed..
 Around the bedroom..
 Looking outside the bedroom window...
 Too pretty - still looking through the window...
And a modern bathroom to boot...what more could one want...

Do you see how I need very few words to describe this place - words are just not good enough..
Greg the owner saw how delighted I was and asked if I would like to see in the other buildings, we were the only guests for the night (the place was full the night before)...
Here is the renovated bakery..
The side of the bakery...
 The other side of the bakery..
 Greg was telling us how these walls were rendered and when they removed the rendering they discovered the remains of the oven and fire place..  how cool... ok I want..
 I love the way they kept the original brick work.
 The oven..
The Shearing Shed...the front timber part is where the sheep entered the shed..
 Side view of the shearing shed - the open area at the rear of the shed was where the 'smithy' was set up, they haven't finished renovating the 'blacksmith's' area yet but have uncovered the original bellows used...
 This was the door the sheep entered to be sheared - its about half the size of a normal door, and if you look closely at the bottom of the walls, you will notice there is hardly any paint, that's because the sheep would rub against the walls and the lanolin would rub off onto it..
Here is the door the sheep would leave by - its a lot smaller because they didn't have their wool any
Now we head to another building - the stables.  Upstairs was used as the grainery loft and down stairs was used as the cook house with the stables infront..  
 The timber stairs went up to a balcony so visitors could take advantage of the surrounding views..
 The side of the building showing a great place to sit.
 Lovely wrought iron chairs and table to add to the ambiance..
 The original dowel pins have been left to show how the roof was held in place back then, these were amazing and each and everyone one was visible in the upstair rooms.
 In the back room downstairs they uncovered the original oven.  Greg can remember his grandmother cooking in this very oven for the family when he was a child... As Greg was open the doors of the ovens to show us inside, my daughter slide open a sliding door behind us and Greg jumped thinking the noise was the oven venting heat up the
What settlement would be complete without the outback toilet...this is a double seat one..  Fathers could take their sons with them and the women would do the same with their daughters..early potty training..
 I wasn't going to force the door and there was no way I was going in so this photo is the only one I could get - it only shows one 'hole'..
Now for the Homestead - I didn't get many pics of this house - not sure why, too busy looking everywhere else..
Not a good photo but I will put it in anyway..
 Greg was explaining that the posts on porch are the original ones and on close inspection you can see they are straight tree stumps..
 Another one of the porch.  Greg showed us inside but I chose not to take any photos because this is his place of residence but I'm sure he would have let me if I had asked.
Greg's family are the second owners of this property, with it being only owned by one other family prior to theirs.  There are indepth diaries available for everyone to read if they wish, I did think about it but they were more like volumes and I was worried I might damage them..  He did tell us of a story in one of the diaries.  It tells of how 14 bushrangers held up the household for four days, ransacking the rooms and keeping everyone hostage.  When the bushrangers were finally caught the women of the house pleaded with authorities to be lenient with the rangers because they were reasonably well behaved.  The leader of the group even gave back possessions belonging to a four year old child because he became upset they were taking something he loved to play with.  We were standing in the very room all of this occurred.  All fourteen bushrangers were hung.
Greg invited us to eat in the Homestead for dinner, who could refuse....not me, I was having a ball..
Here is the Glass room that has been added to the rear of the house to take in all the surrounding countryside...  ok I want.  
We had a delicious dinner (did I tell you - Greg cooks), Lamb Fillets or Atlantic Salmon and vegetables with amazing salads, and a cheese platter to start with, and Rhubarb, apple and pear crumble with fresh cream to finish.  Some of us had the Atlantic Salmon.  You cant see it in this photo but there were fairy lights running along the ceiling
 Love the wine barrels...
After dinner, Greg went and got a baby lamb, which came up to the dinner table for two seconds, before being lead outside for Amy to bottle feed.   I tried to get a photo but it was so dark outside as you can see.
Greg was a wonderful host, entertaining us at every avenue, quick with a joke and did I tell you he can cook...He lives alone in the homestead with his brother on the neighbouring property running sheep.  (probably our
I've decided to break this post up into another part - part 3, as we were there for the boys to play golf and I do have quite a few photo's to put up of them...
Did I mention - ok I want - to all of this place... I want, I want, I want...if only I could get all my kids to migrate with me and the grandkids of course...there are plenty of homes/rooms for everyone.
I will add one more photo to this post..
Inside one of the bedrooms of the homestead is a little tiny room with a small window...named the Prayer window, I couldn't get a good photo but I will put it in anyway..
I'm going now...part 3 coming up next..  There is only one thing that could have made my stay here more perfect - a quilt or two place here and there, don't you think?