Sunday, 26 June 2016

Sunday Stitchers

The Sunday Stitchers met today, and although I only managed to get there for a short amount of time, I was lucky enough to be there for show n tell..
Teresa surprised us with her "Postcards from Paris" quilt.  She has been working on this for a very long time and we were all delighted with her finished quilt.  Its absolutely gorgeous, and I know my name is on this one (has anyone got a pen I can borrow)...  Well done Cass.

Susan, Inca and myself have been working on our Natalie Bird Blocks...this month having two each to show.  They are looking great girls, more than half way now..

 We also had a birthday girl today - Happy Birthday Cheryl, hope you have a fabulous birthday..
My two daughters, on Saturday, went to see Disney On Ice and I just love the photo's they sent me..
Love you girls heaps...

Well again that is it for me, I off on retreat at Glenrose Patchwork tomorrow so I expect to have quite a few photo's for you next time I see you..

The Tuesday Girls and Splendid Sampler Blocks

On Tuesday we met at Helen's place for the day and low and behold, Helen had made us morning tea - Gluten Free Caramel Mud Cake.  Oh my, this cake was too delicious and we all made sure not a crumb was left behind..  Thanks Helen..yum
Add  sugar and the Tuesday Girls together and  what do you think would happen - a lot of mischief of course..
Teresa had show and tell for us.. She has finished her lovely Hexie quilt, if you look closely, you might even see my name written on
Well done Cass - it's gorgeous..
I have been trying to catch up with my Splendid Sampler blocks but can not remember which ones I have put a photo up of it so here they all are..
Blocks 1 - 9
Blocks 10, 11, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23 & 24.
Blocks - Bonus, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 32, 33 & 34.
Blocks - 35, Bonus, Bonus, Bonus, Bonus, 25..
Just a few more to catch up on and then I will be up to date...
That's all today..

Friday, 17 June 2016

Chicks At The Flicks

On Wednesday night one of The Tuesday Girls, Teresa and my eldest daughter, Elle, headed out for a night of entertainment..
None of us have ever been to a 'Chicks at the Flicks' event before so it was all new to us. 
We got to see the latest movie -  Me Before You film.
Upon arrival at the cinema we were each given a glass of pink bubbly and 'pink' lindt balls - there were some other choccies too but the lindt balls seem to grab our attention for some strange reason.
This lovely young man was walking around with tempting morsels for everyone, and he agreed to have his photo taken with us... although he did blush just a little..
The pre-event activities included sampling lotions, smelling scented candles, tasting chocolates, nuts and nibbles.  We also had our photo taken and then presented to us as a postcard..
Here is my postcard and the lotion samples - it was very hard to get a good photo of the postcard because of the glare..
We then went up stairs to the lounge and the nice young man with the food came over to our table and left his 'goodies' with us while he went for more napkins...(or maybe we were looking hungry)..
We were also given a sample bag each full of lots of things to try, a magazine, a book etc.. 
By the time we went into the cinema, we were all feeling very good about our intake of choccies, nibbles and wine ..  Everything was included in the ticket price - but wait - there's more - lol
Dinner was included and we had yet to have that.  I am afraid that I have no more photos beyond this point because it was too dark, but I can leave you with an image.. 
Here we were, sitting (laying) in our recliner chairs, our feet are up on the foot rest, feeling good with finally the movie was about to start.   The lights go out, the movie starts and then they bring us dinner.  UMMM ARRR - we were each given a three tiered plate - the top had a large scone with cream and jam, the middle layer had rocky road popcorn (should have be called just rocky road) and salted caramel popcorn, two more lindt chocolates and two brownies.. but that's not all - the bottom plate had two crispy spring rolls, two small sausage rolls and a chicken slider...
I really did try my best but I just could not eat it all, I left about half..  Oh well, I will know better next time  - I will stash all my choccies in my sample bag, I will avoid the young man with the tray of goodies (yeah and I will not eat lunch...
Anyhow, it was a lovely film and I really think I could get use to being treated like a princess, it was so much fun.  Thanks girls for a great night, we will definitely be doing that again..

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Nor's Place, A Swap and a Finish or two...

Today The Tuesday Girls met at Nor's new place.  I took so many photo's that I had to make a few collages otherwise you would have been here all day reading this..
This is where we were stitching, its outside the 'man-cave',  I think Norreen is telling me to go that way and as you can see we were being protected by the guard dogs...
Here is inside the 'man-cave',  now I think that this would make a fantastic sewing/craft room. All they have to do is get rid of all that (lol) rubbish inside that belongs the Nor's Hubby.  I really don't think he needs this you?  It even has a kitchen area..yep move over Alf, the stitching girls want to move
We took a wander around Nor's beautiful gardens..
I couldn't help taking some photo's of the flowers around the garden.  The pink with blue tips were amazing.. Don't you just love Mother Nature..
Now I don't know if you can see down the driveway but we actually walked all the way down the end just to check the mailbox.  Around the front of the house is this lovely area, which has a very country vibe to it..
The girls heading back to the shed (Man Cave) which as you can see is some distance from the house.  This works to our advantage because no-one can hear us being silly..
While walking around the yard, we came across Nor's Husband.  He was trying to encourage us to help him do some kind of manual your soooo funny Alf, I don't care how many tools you have spare.
Nor has been doing her bit to help Alf, yesterday she picked up some sticks to make mowing easier.. Here we are inspecting her stick
Ok - Onto swaps.  Today was the opening day for the 'No Fuss' Kitchen Kaper's Swap.  Here is my parcel ready to be opened along with my cuppa and some chocolate brownies which I made especially for today.
My swap partner was Vickie and wow did she get me right.. I love the colours she chose for me..
I received a gorgeous Tea towel, a very cute spatula, and cheeky 'boy' cookie cutter, a yummy cookie and, of course, a recipe.  The cookie lasted all of 5 minutes but in my defence, I did share it with the girls.   I have been looking for a good scone recipe so am looking forward to giving this recipe a try.
Thanks Vickie, I love my gifts..
Now time for some finishes - I have been working on this wall hanging and have finally finished it..
It's a Hatched and Patched pattern called Peaceful Garden.  I am very happy with it..
Last week, The Tuesday Girls went to the Scrapbooking Expo at Southbank.  This was my first expo of this kind and found it a little daunting.  So many people looking at so many small items..anyhow I was with the girls so it's always a good day when they are around.  We all purchased the same small kit  to mark the occasion and I am the first one to finish it.  I did alter a couple of things but nothing too noticeable from the original photo.  I love these, they are so cute and  don't take up a lot of room.. 
Well I hope you have stuck with me til then end, I realise it was a long post - you can blame Nor for having such a lovely place that I just had to take lots of photo's..   oops sorry Nor..
Catchya all later..

Sunday, 5 June 2016

Santa Sack Swap 2016

Once again, I have put my name down for the Santa Sack Swap.. if anyone is keen to join in then head to here before it closes..
Don't you just love Christmas... the count down has