Sunday, 24 July 2016


 Asuka , prenounced Az-car, is an exchange student from Japan and has been staying with us for the last nine days.  We have had some very funny moments, we don't speak Japanese and she could only speak a little English, this lead to some very animate miming and giggling. 
Asuka came to our home with some special gifts from her county.  This gorgeous little doll is The Princess of Sleeping doll. 
 We were also given a Japanese cookbook, an origami book with papers and a lovely little compact mirror.
 The visiting students put on a party for us all where we ate Japanese foods and they put on a show for us to watch.  The show consisted of singing, origami writing, karate and of course Japanese comics.  I had a ball watching the interaction the exchange students had with our students..
The girls were given Jelly Belly cushions from one of hubby's relatives which the girls thought were fabulous. 
We did have a go at origami,  some of us sporting a little more talent than others in the
We had to take Asuka to the Gold Coast, so she could sample one of our amazing beaches and do a little retail therapy as well.  She was a little apprehensive at first but once she got her feet wet, she had a ball.  First the feet got wet, then her shorts and then she was laughing so much, she just got wet from head to toe..  It was so much fun, watching the girls, not being able to speak to each other much but being able to giggle and splash in the water..luckily I had a change of clothes with me..
We decided on Harbour Town for our retail therapy.. 
The girls were playing with 'snapchat' here... 
I found out 'Typo' was having a sale and came across these cute little painted letters and shapes. 
Oh and I also found this "new" store... oh my... not much explanation needed.. 
These bins reminded me of those kiddy ball pits - you know the ones you just want to dive in and surround your self with balls..or Lindt balls in this case.. 
More ball 
This is how I ended my day.. some spoils from the news agents and some goodies from the Lindt shop..
Well, Asuka left today, taking home stories of her time at Lone Pine, Southbank, Brisbane City, The Gold Coast and of course, stories of her stay with us..  We have had a fantastic time and I am actually going to miss her, its been so much fun but now life can get back to normal for us which in itself is nice too..  Hope you have all had a great week and - no - I have had no time for sewing so that will be one thing I am looking forward to getting back into.
Cya all

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Regional Flavours Festival

Yesterday, Hubby and I went to the Regional Flavours Festival at Southbank.  This was a first for us so we didn't know what to expect, but boy, were we delighted that we went.
As soon as we arrived we found out that one of our all-time 'heroes' was going to be there.  Paul West of River Cottage Australia had an area there and was going to be giving talks throughout the day.  We have been watching River Cottage (the uk one) for decades and fell in-love with kind of living from the very first episode.  Then when the Australian version started and we were more excited because it was closer to home.  We thought we would check his site even though it was early in the day and what a surprise we got when we did..
Paul was standing around checking out everything and so we thought we would do the 'check out the celebrity' thing and went up to him.  Well we couldn't have been more tickled pink if we tried.  We welcomed us like we were old friends, making sure we got heaps of photos with him and chatting about heaps of different topics..  He was so down to earth which made our visit even more thrilling..
We had to leave him to get on with things and so dragged ourselves away to enjoy what other delights we could find at the festival.
We first tasted, absolutely delicious Raspberry and cream cups.. Yum..
Decided on sliders for lunch from the Charming Squire stand..again - yum. 
I manage to find these in my bag by the end of the day - I just don't know how they got there.. 
We couldn't decide which Mason Baker cake to buy so we bought all four... 
We headed back to catch Paul's show and afterwards, naturally, bought his book which he very kindly autographed for us.. 
 And made us pose for more photo's - can I keep him mum - pleeeease...
We that was more fun than I thought it was going to be.  I will treasure my book and will read it from cover to cover and I might even make some of the recipes...

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

We Will Rock You

We have had tickets to the 'We Will Rock You' concert for some time now and Wednesday finally came and we were able to use our tickets..  What a show - loud - was my initial thoughts when it started but I soon adapted to the night.
Shhh - its about to
Teresa and her son, without planning, had tickets for the same night so we made an evening of it..
First of all we went to the Charming Squire for dinner - I can highly recommend this place, it was fantastic.. Pizza - yum


 Teresa's other son was in the area so he and his girlfriend joined us for dinner.  This made the night extra great - lovely boys and of course a lovely mum.. Here is Teresa with her two boys..

 Teresa and I waiting patiently for the show to start...
The concert was great, having Teresa's boys join us for dinner was fun and entertaining, all in all a very good night, would do it again in a heart beat...
Now something a little different - I found this delightful little mushroom in my garden the other week and couldn't resist taking a photo of it..  Nature is just wonderful.  Although I don't know what this mushroom is called (I should find out) I am sure it would kill you without trying.  Beautiful but deadly I am guessing.  Anyhow I just wanted to add it to my blog - I love mother nature, she does and amazing job..

That's all today..I'll catchya all later..

Monday, 11 July 2016

Warwick - Part 2

Oh boy, I'm still trying to catch up with my blogging.  I am finding it harder and harder to keep up with social media.  I am going to do a quick post here, mostly photos, little chat, but when I say photos I mean, heaps of photos.. lol
While at Warwick, one of the girls was celebrating a special birthday, so we, with a lot of pre-planning, went for a high tea at The Roses of the Abbey.  This is a gorgeous old building used for many different things since it was built.
The high tea was delicious, so much food and we were even given specialised tea samples to try while we were eating. 
I could not decide which photo to use to show off the outside, there were so many picturesque spots..
Don't you just love the tilting cross on top of the roof..
So much attention to detail, they certainly don't build places like this anymore.
I have only just realised how glorious the day was too, just check out the blue skies...
I am guessing that depending on what time of the day it is, the shadows would change the look of the building... This photo is showing the front door.
A monument found in the gardens...
After our high tea, we were given a guided tour of the Abbey.  Wow, what a beautiful building, so many different rooms, so much to look at..
I love the ceiling in this room and....
the stain glass windows..
This photo shows what you would see if you walked in the front doors.  Beyond the entrance parlour you find a timber staircase leading up to the second floor..  Again so much attention to detail...
A banister at the base of the staircase..
The Rectory, now used for romantic private dinners..
Another room, perfectly decorated, do you think they would mind if I sit and just soak in all the atmosphere for a while...and I think I really need to make a phone call...
Pretty things to look at everywhere you looked..
Alright I will stop now, needless to say I had a real good time visiting the Abbey.  I love old buildings and our hosts made our visit extra special.  I wonder how they would feel if one morning they came down stairs (the reside upstairs) and found me sitting somewhere admiring the sights. 
Well that's it for me. 
Happy Birthday Cheryl, hope you had a fantastic birthday..
Catchya later.

Friday, 8 July 2016

Warwick Retreat - Part 1.

I'm running late with my posts again, so I will try and do a quick catch up. The last week in June saw a group of us heading off for a retreat in Warwick.  We always stay at Glenrose Patchwork and every time we come here we are never disappointed.  A lovely surprise was waiting for us this time, this gorgeous orange tree, which last year had only a couple of fruit, was very heavily in fruit.  I love this little tree and never once did I walk past it without admiring its beauty.
During the week we, of course, were treating our tastebuds to a delightful collection of sweets.

We all participated in a swap and here is what the lovely De gave me.  I was a lucky girl and got some very pretty items.  There were some treats too but naturally they did not survive long enough to make the photo.
This cute water bottle was my main pressie from De..    Thanks De I love all my

There was a lot of stitching going on over the week and here is just a few photos from the talented girls..
Cheryl started to put together this colourful quilt.
De's cute wall-hanging.
Teresa made a pretty bag using some fabric from the  Black Tie range.

 Teresa also made some progress on her Splendid Sampler blocks.
Maree brought along show n tell - her quilt looks stunning.

Marilyn was also catching up of one of her UFO's - this quilt was meant for her son when he turned 21, I think it is a little late.
Helen was up to some monkey business, but not her usual kind of mischief..  These two gorgeous little devils went home with her... 

Alison was busy during the retreat putting together her quilt..

I got up to some Halloween sewing.  I don't usually do Halloween but this year I thought I would make a couple of things for a "Halloween" display. 
I quilted the table runner with a spider webs. 
There were lots more photos I could keep adding here, the girls were very industrious and produced some amazing things but that would make this post just a little too long..
I am missing a photo of Lynda and what she has made so I will need to track one down..
Some of the girls made a plate bag out of a tea towel.  Here they are showing off their creations.

I did a little shopping in the patchwork shop..

 That's it for me today, blogger is being a pain and I am just too tired to fight with it..
I'll check it again tomorrow..