Friday, 26 August 2016

Lets Just Call This Post "August".

I am getting so fed up with this year just disappearing before my eyes.  One minute I am thinking about it being the first of the month and the next I am wondering what happened to that same said month.  Anyhow enough complaining...
You all know one of The Tuesday Girls, Teresa,  has been away on holidays, but now she is back where she belongs - with us... (and if you are reading this Teresa - you are not allowed to leave us again for a long time - three weeks is just way too long)..
I don't know how Teresa did it, as she was travelling to remote parts of Australia but she still managed to bring us back pressies.. 
We each were given a gorgeous piece of fabric - I keep fondling it, trying to come up with the perfect usage for it but at the moment I am just enjoying its silky texture..  wrapped up inside I found a pretty
necklace which goes beautifully with the fabric..  Thank you Teresa - I love my gifts. 
I just had to add a photo of these beautiful roses, home grown from my very own garden, and they smell divine.
I have done a little sewing - I finished this Lynette Anderson pattern.  Helen and I bought them when we were on our last retreat. I did change it a little - of course - I added buttons to the tabs instead of circular stitched fabrics.  I have done some other sewing but its all secret squirrel stuff so I can not show you yet...maybe in my next post.
Two weeks ago we had our stitching day at Helen's and she delighted us with a home-baked banana cake.  Oh boy it was yummy, too yummy in fact because we all had seconds and maybe even thirds..
Thanks Helen, and you are most welcome to bake for us whenever you desire to..
I was stitching on the day - I started a little wall hanging for my laundry..
Last week, my mum came down for a few days.  Her stay was planned around the same time I have the grandkids for two days minding.  Mum had a ball playing with her great-grandsons.. I do think they wore her out a little  Brayden loved going through the photos on mums ipad...
The boys had a ball too.  They dragged poor great-grandma and grandpa around everywhere, showing them all the things they love to do.  I don't know who had the most fun, mum or the kids - I think it was a tie.. 
Hubby and I have been wanting to try something different for a while now and finally came across a dance class starting up in our area.  We have only done one night so far but boy did we have fun.  I think our old "disco days" was coming out because we were reminded several times to slow down our tempo... after all we were practicing the waltz   
 Nor was in-charge of Morning Tea last week and wow, did she go all out, we had Pavlova.. 
Helen was unable to be with us, so we had to eat her portion as well - couldn't let it go to waste..
We decided it would only be fair if we all started with a strawberry topped piece  Can you make out your slice Helen?... 
I chose not to stitch last week, so instead I covered some mobile phone boxes with pretty papers so I can use them to store 'crap' in.. 
My before photo..
My after photo... 
Now after our sugar over-load we got a little silly - again... and decided to try writing with our
non-dominate hand...  I think I did pretty good, Nor - well maybe not so good and Teresa - well what can I say - She cheated and changed back to her normal writing 
Well that's it for today, I will have a little more to add soon as August is not quite over yet so hopefully I will see you all very soon...

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Clayton's Christmas swap

The No Fuss Swapper's hosted a "Clayton's Christmas Swap" for July and my partner was Narelle.  
The swap gifts were to be the following items..
1. An ornament - bought or handmade.
2.  Christmas button/s
3.  Christmas fat quarter
4. A Small Treat.
Thank you Rell, I can't wait to put my tree up at chrissy time and adorn it with your angel, and oh my, that treat.  I have always loved Magnum Iceblocks but never realised they came in chocolate form before.  Holy cow are these dangerous...mine lasted a whole 2 seconds and that was time wasted getting it open.  I don't know if I should thank you for that one or rouse at you for introducing me to something that deadly yummy.  lol
The fat quarter is  fantastic, I will use that for an up coming project and those buttons are just too cute..
Thanks Rell for being my swap buddy..
My swap buddy was Susan and I forgot to take a photo of what I had sent so I had to pinch this one off Susan's blog - thanks Susan.
I chose to give a bought ornament this time round, and of course, the fat quarter, buttons and treat..
Such a fun swap..
 This was such a fun swap, I am looking forward to our next one, but I'm sorry, yesterday was the last day for you to sign up for it, so maybe we will see you next time..