Sunday, 30 October 2016

Happy Halloween. ..

The Tuesday Girl's had a different kind of get together last week.  My partner in crime, Teresa, and I decided to host the other two girls to a Halloween Themed Stitching Day.  We had been planning it for weeks with secret conversations about what or how we wanted the day to be..
 The table was set, and yes I did play with some of the items - they were soooo cool - I had a ball with two eyeballs that changed colour.. Yes I'm a big kid at heart..
We don't usually celebrate Halloween but thought we could milk it for a few laughs... and laugh we did.
 Teresa brought over her hand painted timber boxes and 'witches' shoe to add to our decorating... Oh boy is Teresa talented because these were absolutely gorgeous...
I made everyone a mug rug (I know just how much Helen loves these), and a little goodie bag. 
Teresa made everyone pumpkins(photo down further) and cauldrons full of yummies... 
We all had creepy headbands to wear - arrows, nails, knife and bolts...  lol
I played the fool - of course - and at one stage wore all four headbands... 
Teresa brought along some very yummy peppermint fudge - omg - this stuff was deadly - one piece was not enough... 
Teresa also made some pretty 'band-aide'  bikkies... and if you go back up to the table setting, you will notice the pumpkin that 'spewed' its guts  All these foods looked gross but wow - they were delicious..
Here is my pumpkin from Teresa.  I thought it warranted a special photo.  I think it is fantastic and will bring it out every year.  Thank Teresa - it's perfect..xx
Maybe two a second photo... 
We had spiders all over the table and they were getting into everything, even the 
The table was so messy that I just had to take a photo.. 
My caldron - check out the yummies... 
My little goodie bags - I found these cute cookie cutters at coles and knew I had to get them for each of the girls...
Thanks for being my partner in crime Teresa - we had so much fun....I would do it again with you anytime...
Well that's it for me.  The Tuesday Girls and some friends head out for Retreat soon so I have been getting stuff ready to take so no sewing is getting done at the moment...unless you count the Halloween mug rugs and the goodie bags..  I hope to get heap done at Retreat... 
Anyhow - Happy Halloween everyone and "BOO"  - did I scare you..hehehehe

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Helen's Back - yay...

No I can start this post with Helen because while she was away gallivanting all over the world, The Tuesday Girls did get up to a little mischief..
Last week we got to go out in Norreen's new spiffy red car.. Here she is showing us her modelling skills - I think she could go professional..
We headed for a little road trip to Springfield Shopping Centre to catch a movie and, of course, some taste testing of some kind..
First port of call - San Churro's for morning tea...   I was pretty restrained and only ordered a black tea and a truffle, which I enjoyed immensely..
Then it was off to the movies - Girl on a Train was the chosen flick for today and yes I did enjoy it and no, I did not know how it was going to end...   We decided to do a selfie and didn't realise it at the time but we were photo bombed by, probably the only other people in the
After the movies and some shopping - did you know their are Christmas decorations in the stores already - BONUS...we thought we needed something to munch on so we headed to San Churro's again ...  This time I know I over did it.. I had a slice of cheesecake, a chocolate Halloween dipped strawberry and a milkshake.  Well I ate the strawberry, slowly munched the cheesecake, left the ice-cream (a bit full by now) and sipped a little of the milkshake.  Pity I would have loved a doggy bag but I don't think the milkshake would have travelled well...
Now we can talk about Helen's return... Tuesdays Girls met at Helen's this week and how special are we..  The table was set upon our arrival - pretty tea cups, yummy nibblies, napkins...etc.. 
I think we should vote (amongst The Tuesday Girls) and elect Helen to do morning tea at her place every week - I know personally I could easily get use to this kind of treatment ... what do you think girls??
Did I mention where our napkins came from... I will let you work it out..  I will add that I did not use my napkin and put it straight into my bag, seemed just wrong to ruin it...
I might have moved the foodie bowls a little closer to my 
Helen did not stop here but 'baked' for us too...  Caramel mud cake - I can still smell the icing - yummo.   I think Helen might have missed us just a tad...
We were so spoilt with lots  of pressies from the places that Helen visited...
You know the best pressie though - Helen came back to us and didn't stay overseas with her new - so called - friends... 
Ok no more mushie stuff - just look what she gave us...  A gorgeous French scarf, a pretty tin with English Breakfast Tea inside, a cute little bell, lace bookmark, lemon soap (which I hope has nothing sinister in the ingredients because I keep sniffing it) - the smell is divine.. A Christmas ornament and some chocolates..oh and some gorgeous napkins (inside joke)..  I will leave it for Helen to explain where she collected all these beautiful gifts because I am sure there might be a story or two to go with them..
I had to take a close up of the chocolates which nearly didn't make the photo shoot.  I will add that by this point in my blogging that the chocolates are all gone... I really didn't want to unwrap them but I what can I say - I did and I saved the wrappers (for what I have no idea).. just too pretty to throw away..
Thank you Helen for your lovely gifts but I am sooooo glad you are home - we missed
Now just a couple of photo's - our clever little chook hatched out five baby chicks last week and I thought I would add them to my post.. 
There are four on one side of her and one hiding on the right side..
Our grandson thought they were perfect and formed an attachment to this little one..
He named her - Zoolah... and I think one of the other ones was Zoomie..  He thought it was magical when the chick nestled on his shoulder for a sleep but unfortunately I didn't get a photo of that incidence.  
Anyhow the time has come to end off once again..  Hope you are all living life to the fullest and having as much fun as you can muster.. 
catchya all later

Sunday, 2 October 2016


 OMG - October - ALREADY.....grrrr 
Sorry everyone but this Is going to be 'one of those' posts..lots of bits and pieces to catch up on, heaps of photos - mostly family stuff...with just a wee bit of stitching...
I had to start my post today with my youngest grandson - we were playing with stickers and he thought it was hilarious to put them on me so nana thought two could play this game..  well we had so much fun that he needed a much needed cuddle-sleep..  love those cuddles..
Now about a week ago, hubby, myself and youngest daughter went to see the Brisbane Riverfire festival.  Hubby works at the Queensland University and was able to score us a position on top of one of the buildings where he works.  It was a fantastic spot because the fireworks were right in front of
us.  When they started going off we didn't realise that the building either side of us had fireworks on them so we were surrounded.  It was sooooo good we plan on doing it again..
Hubby and myself....
The fireworks and across the river - mmm - about a million
 Daughter playing with her phone before it started...
Last Sunday was the get together of the Sunday Stitchers girls.. we had a little show n tell, although I am sure there was more show n tell but these were the only photos I can find..
These photos show Helen's and Susan's quilts..
Susan's finished Natalie Bird Blocks..
My Natalie Bird Blocks..
Teresa and I got together to catch a movie - the new Bridget Jones one that's out at the moment.  I am so glad that they didn't follow the book version because I didn't like that take on it..
We had a little fun with the props at the cinema..
I am very happy that these are just props and not my real knickers..

Yesterday, Hubby, myself and youngest daughter went on a bit of a road trip.  I have always wanted to see The Standing Stones in Glen Innes - NSW, so off we headed..
What an amazing road trip - such beautiful country side and how many times did the scenery change  made the trip even more special..
This is  Mt Warning - the remains of volcano from way back...
Not long after Mt Warning, while driving through the rainforest, we came across this sign on the road.   By the time we had realised what it had said, hubby - sweetly - found a place to turn around (not an easy task on a mountainous road) just so we could take a photo of it..  Unfortunately we did not come across any but we did keep our eyes peeled.  I must admit that our daughter did enquire first what a "Yowie"
The closest we got to a yowie was in Woodenbong, and yes I did get a couple of photos of this one.. 
Further down the road we came across another forest - this one different from its neighbour as there were these very tall, straight, white trees - I am presuming a type of gum.. 
The photo doesn't do it justice but they were very impressive..
We came across this 'olden - day' bridge and once again we had to stop for another photo.  I wanted to get a closer shot of the bridge but it was one lane and was worried that if anything came along then I would have to make a run for it (not a pretty sight) 
 Another change in scenery - a gorgeous tree lined street.  How gorgeous are these photos.  I can just imagine what it would look like when they flower...
We spent a bit of time in Tenterfield, having morning tea and looking around.. I found a place that sold these amazing old gates and doors - it was just as well we took my car (little mazda neo) cause I really wanted to take them home with me... Maybe next time... 
While having morning tea, the café owner was telling us how we had chosen a great day to visit because the town was celebrating 120 years since the railway came to town..  We were told that the original railway station was still there and it was open today to look around... Sounds right up our alley.. My dad was employed by the Qld Railway from the age of 14 until retirement and then even some.. He officially retired at 65 but then they encouraged him to come back and he finally retired at 70.  Now, at 72, he spends his days playing tennis and has just returned from playing in the Masters in Melbourne...  Anyhow - back to this old station.. 
I could hardly contain myself when I saw this building, so much history and we were going to get to explore it - inside and out..
Naturally there were heaps of vintage trains around the back and we were able to climb aboard and check things out. 
Youngest daughter was amazed that they used timber in their construction of some of the trains.. 
I loved this old girl - a very distinct difference between first class and second.. 
First class - heaps of room, leather lounge seats, tables, toilets, fancy fixtures..
And then there is second class -  well you can see the difference - well I might just add the outside the second class carriage - at the rear - was a tiny little cupboard where they would transport a coffin from one place to another..
So much detail - I love the old suitcases and well, maybe it would be a good idea to make sure the driver is of sound mind before you board the train...
The Station itself was  great explore too - from 'The Ticket Office' to the 'Ladies Lounge' which of course was separate from the 'Gentlemen's Lounge'.
A couple more photo's - sorry if you are not into history like we are..
We left Tenterfield and headed to Glen Innes...and finally around 1pm we arrived at The Standing Stones.. 
Now not everyone is going to get this next photo - but I just couldn't let the opportunity go by without posing for this photo.  I mean, after all - what should one do when standing in-front  of a Scottish Standing Stone - well - do a 'Claire Fraser' of course..
Hubby got into it a bit 
Back to being serious now...  This plaque explains the positioning of the stones...
A little more fun - removing Excalibur's Sword - welllllll trying to remove it 
This wall house 'stones' from clans from around the world and of course some local scots too.. 
The café, sorry too full to eat, yep that's correct - no room for food... 
A bit more playing on some little standing stones and a view of the actual stones from up high.. 
Each year they hold a "Celtic Festival' and I would love to come back for that one day.
We left home at 6am and returned at 5.30pm, so it was a long 'road trip' and my hubby was fantastic, driving most of the way, stopping for photos and even backtracking for some very essential shots, and being great company...thank you sweetheart - love ya
It was great spending time with our daughter too, mind you, we did differ in music tastes just a little..  I have to admit that my hubby and daughter are into Queen big time - me - well - not so
But I did get my way for some of the trip..
I just had to add a photo from my garden - I love roses and this one is gorgeous...
Well that's it for me, oh no its not - I do have a photo of my Splendid Sampler blocks - the ones I have done so far, I'm a tad behind but I will catch up soon.. 
I am going to redo the dark one in the centre - I think it is a bit dark compared to the others...
Alright, not I am really going... long post I know but I had a lot to say and later I will most likely remember more but this will do for now..