Monday, 2 January 2017

Hello 2017

It has been really hot lately and I felt sorry for the little possum that comes and sleeps in a metal bucket on top of a cupboard we have on the back patio.  He is usually really quiet but I had heard him moving around a few times and figured he was feeling the heat too.  I had a huge watermelon in the fridge and thought he might like a piece of cool sweet melon..  He loved it and sat there eating it for ages..  He has been coming to sleep in the bucket for about a year now and is always on his own, so I presume he is a 'he'..  He never makes a noise, or makes a mess, actually he is neater than the kids..
I make sure no one moves the bucket because he is always welcome.

Today we took a drive to Hastings Point and then on to Flat Rock.
I was determined to get my feet wet and today was a good day to do it..
First stop was Hastings Point, where we had lunch at the lookout..what a beautiful spot..
 Next stop was Flat Rock - this is a lovely beach between Lennox Heads and Ballina. As you can see by the photos - it is not over run by tourists - oh wait - am I a tourist...mmm that might be one of those
The water was a beautiful shade of green - or should I say aqua and I just had to take a few photos of it.  I don't think the colour came our nearly as beautiful as it was in person. 
There is a camp ground at Flat Rock - no caravans allowed so not over crowded, and at the kiosk they had this gorgeous little bunny to play with.  He kept trying to push his nose threw the cage to have his nose scratched.  AWWWW - major crush happening here...  Both me and Amelia wanted to bring him home.  He loved being cuddled and didn't want to be put down... AWWWW - I want one..
Do you think he would get on with Maci???
This last photo set is of Amelia - she had just come back from shopping.  I remember those days when I use to dress up for shopping.  When co-ordinating my outfit was a must.  Now I'm older it's a much different story..  Oh to be young again - well at least to have the energy again...
That's all.. Hope your having a great week.. 
cya xx


  1. Happy new year Sandi. So glad you helped poor little poss out.Nothing nicer than a drive to the beach...especially northern NSW...just lovely x

  2. Lovely spot! As a teenager we used to go camping at Byron Bay each year way before it became whatnit is now!

  3. Happy New Year Sandi,oh that possum is so cute,love the pics and Amelia has grown up to be such a gorgeous young lady,when i first started following your blog Amelia was quite young and even the grandsons are sprouting up so fast,hope this year is a good one for you my friend xx