Thursday, 8 June 2017

Date Night

Date night saw us going to the Movies to see Baywatch - not my first choice for a movie but sometimes there isn't much to choose from..
 We were mucking around while waiting for the movie to start - taking selfies in the semi-dark.

 Now he made me take a photo of our 'food' because I am always taking foodie photos, so this must mean I needed a photo of our  not the greatest of photo's but you can make out what they are..

Not very interesting compared to what I usually take pics of but he thought it was
Always a great night when spent with my darling hubby..  love ya heaps babe..

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Tamborine Mountain

Hubby and I went to Tamborine Mountain today and did the 'touristy' type of things..
 Our first stop was a visit to the beautiful Cedar Creek Falls..  Mother nature  does a fabulous job..
We took our time strolling along windy tracks and sitting below gorgeous water falls, and as a bonus, just look at that sky - crystal blue - feeling very humble at the moment..
We then chose a spot with a beautiful view to have morning tea.. the shoes came off, the blanket was down, the coffee poured, now nothing to do but relax and enjoy the view...mmmm I could get use to this...
I think if you squint a little - you just may see my 
Now we were feeling well rested and thought a visit to the Tamborine Botanical Gardens.  I have never been hear but always wanted to go - why do we not explore our 'backyards' and yet as soon as you travel somewhere, you want to visit
The gardens were lovely - lots of pretty flowers..
Interesting artworks and sculptures along the walks... 
 I don't know why but I love bamboo - I don't have any growing at home, so was tickled pink when I came across some..
We have had a wonderful day, and loved playing the 'tourist' for the day.. I wonder where we could explore next time ..

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Scrapping with The Tuesday Girls

Today we had a little twist on our regular stitching day - instead of sewing we all did a little (a lot) of
paper crafts..  I gave the girls a taste of some projects I had been playing with lately..
I must say, the girls behaved excellent during the day, mind you, I did work them rather hard, moving from one project to another very quickly...

 The girls were so busy they didn't even want to lift their heads for a photo...

 I started the day with a cute little folder containing the instructions of all of the days projects..
I love the little paper bows - they are so cute and so easy to make...
 This is a tea bag folder - inside you find four envelope pockets that each hold one teabag...
 We made a variety of envelopes, gift handbags, small bon bons and pretty boxes...
 We also  quick ways to decorate small gifts.
 I made the girls each a little tealight cake - they are totally useless and will collect nothing but dust but they were fun to
Maci kept an eye on us while we were busy..
It was a fun day - I do have fun dabbling on the dark side now and then.  The day went by very fast, and I would give the girls all gold stars for their efforts.  Thanks for being good students...