Saturday, 25 February 2017

New Zealand - Day 10 - Home

We left Terrace Downs early this morning - it was still dark but by the time we were on the plane the sun had come up to another blue sky day..
Hubby confiscated my phone on the plane and took a heap of photos so I will just add them to this post. 
We have both had a fabulous time in New Zealand.  Fran did an amazing job finding places to stay and organising everything.
We have been told on countless occasions on how lucky we were that we were visiting New Zealand while they were experiencing fantastic weather - blue skies and hardly any rain.  Of course there were blue skies - mother nature knew we were coming..
Speaking of Mother Nature - thank you with all my heart for showing us the glow worms in the forest - I will never forget what you showed me..
Getting use to the time difference was a strange experience - we both struggled with that a little but survived fairly unscathed.  There is a three hour time difference over there and the sun doesn't go down - at all - until 9 pm at night...
We saw so many fabulous places and did so many great things that it was hard to work out just what to write about.. I think I have covered everything.  Hubby has quite a few golfing photos but I will add them a bit later, mainly due to the fact that I need him here to tell me what or where they are from..
We are both looking forward to visiting this lovely country again - so many more things to see and do - might need a longer holiday next time..
Anyhow here are hubby's plane photo's..

 bye bye New Zealand..
This brings us to the end of our holiday. 
Hope you enjoyed 'slide night' of our trip...

Friday, 24 February 2017

New Zealand - Day 9 - Terrace Downs

Tomorrow we leave for home and I wanted to have some quiet time to stitch and fondle my goodies purchased over the week.  I had gone to bed with a terrible headache last night so was very happy to have a quiet day today.  Wayne and his family played golf today - not sure where but not at this golf course. 
When they came back we all went down to the club house for lunch.. gorgeous restaurant with gorgeous views and delicious food..
Wayne and I shared our food so we could try two menu items out..both were fabulous..
Here were some of my purchases ...
From The Sewing Place in Darfield... pretty fabrics and a cute umbrella hook..
 From Annie's Country Quilt Store - a pattern and some fabric.
 From Arrowtown - The Stitching Post.
 Wayne found this at Annie's Stitching Post and said I had to have it...
I did do other shopping but the rest were gifts for family and I'm not going to put them up.
Oh I forgot - I bought this too...
A kiwi charm for my Pandora Bracelet...
Its time to pack bags and think about tomorrows early flight out of New Zealand...
I have one more New Zealand post due to hubby going nuts on the plane with my camera - so I will catch you all again soon..

Thursday, 23 February 2017

New Zealand - Day 8 - Ashburton and Christchurch.

Today Wayne and I headed out on a road trip of a different kind - a shopping road trip!!!
I had always wanted to visit a couple of shops in this area and although I didn't think it was too important, Wayne insisted I see them.  I thought he should play golf - after all we were staying at a golf course but he wanted me to pay them a visit.. He was down right pushy about it and I'm glad he was because we had a fabulous day.  The others are not into shopping so they stayed behind to play golf and this gave us the only time we could use the car.. Everything was falling into place nicely.
We stopped at a bridge not too far from Terrace Downs and I knew I had to take another photo of the colour of the water...gorgeous..

 A little further down the road..
Feeling hungry, we chose a garden centre for brekky.  This statue was outside and was originally a tree branch but had been transformed into a rather large bird by adding metal to it.. very impressive and so was its weight and price... I don't think I have enough room in my luggage to fit this in..
 Here is the cafĂ© - there are others eating here but I was careful not to get them in the shot..
 Do we sit inside or outside.. decisions  decisions
 Inside was just too pretty to be outside - how pretty is this place...
 Breakfast came out and we had decided to order one brekky and share it, so the waitress gave us an extra plate.  I am so glad she did because even when we started to divvy it up it still looks massive..
 Wayne found out that he loves cinnamon in his coffee...
 Take the photo - I'm hungry..
First place to visit was Annie's Country Quilt Store...oh my - too many things to look at..
Excitement plus.....!!! 
 I only took one photo inside - sorry but I was too busy looking at as much as I could...
 I'm glad Wayne was with me, I was able to do some serious shopping while he chatted with the lovely owners and other customers...  They all love him - "my husband wont come into a shop like this", "I wish my hubby would take me shopping" this was all I could here while I was checking it all out...  He never hurries me when I'm in my element which is one of the reasons I love him heaps but having others comment on his presence there made him even more chuffed at being there. 
Roses, quilt store and hubby - am I in heaven??
Next stop was to The Christmas Hut in Christchurch.. Helen had told me about this place being amazing and she was not wrong...  This is a great day - quilt store and Christmas store in one day..woo hoo..
 Wayne wanted a cuddle on the way in... or maybe he thought it was the Bundy
 Now I was so much in my element, and I have to admit that Wayne was too, that I forgot to take any photos inside..  He was too busy chatting to the owners or finding things for me to buy and all I wanted to do was check everything out..  Great shop - love it...will come back here..
I took a quick pic on the way out... sorry..
We didn't see much of Christchurch - just drove through the main area on the way out.  We were starting to worry about how long we had had the car and not knowing the area well, didn't know how long it would take us to get back.  Next time I will spend more time here...
Thank you sweetheart, you are just the "bestest" hubby ever and I am so glad you thought it was a fabulous day too... Love you heaps..

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

New Zealand - Day 7 - Terrace Downs

We left Franz Josef early in the morning and headed towards Terrace Downs, via Arthurs Pass..
Another long day in the car but some amazing places were seen along the way..
Morning tea was at Hokitika.
This was a sign outside the bakery where we had morning tea..  I wonder what the calorie count for the  Jenny Craig doughnuts were..  lol
Wayne and I went on a walk to find a toilet and came across this.. The remains of the Hokitika Driftwood and Beach Festival from the month before.. 
Along the beach were driftwood sculptures - or what was left of them...some in good condition still - others, well , not sure what they were to begin with but they were all fascinating..
 This one was of a soldier - he had his backpack on, helmet and rifle...
 There must have been hundreds of these sculptures because there was driftwood everywhere...
 A heart and - mmm not sure what was hanging on the other side... can you see the arrangement of rocks below - little rocks all piled up on top of each other..
 I would love to have seen this festival at its best - it would have been amazing..

 Hokitika in driftwood.. and a cement chair to take in the scenery.
 This chair was fabulous and you could just make out it once was coloured brightly colours..
 Wayne wanted to go down onto the beach - it was pretty cold..and the sand is a slate - ish black colour.. so unusual..

 Can you see the colour of the sand ??
 Walking back we came across these cute
 I love the original picture theatre... we did go inside but I forgot to take photos..
 Town centre...
 Moving on..... Now I wish I could say where this place was but I do know it was heading through the Arthurs Pass mountains.  In the middle of nowhere is this - what one could only describe as - an old pub..  It was one of those places that has never disposed of anything.. A kind of olden day museum..
Wayne and I loved it - we got talking with the owner who would have talked our ears off if we had let him.  Having said that, we did chat for ages and he was just delightful - so much local information, we could have stayed for hours, but alas, time is short..
He was telling us of the original owner - James O'Malley, and how he transported all the timbers etc to build this place, in the middle of nowhere, using only a bullock team.  These same said animals skulls still remain here - creepy - maybe - but interesting..
 Old signs were everywhere...
 Oh, check this out - cute little bunny hoping around outside..
 Before we went inside - we saw this goat - well it was as tall as a small horse - it just looked too big to be a goat.   Wayne wanted to pat it, so off he went..
 The goats legs were so long...
 It liked being scratched and lowered its head for more...
 Nearby were these really ugly but very friendly and loved scratches too..
 Come on - leave the goat alone...  we later spoke to the 'old timing man' and he was telling us it was a South African Goat..
 There were some strange things inside the hotel - a two headed duck..
 Gorgeous fireplace..
 I thought these were funny - I did tell you that they don't like possums..well look at these
 More possums...
 Vintage stuff everywhere you looked..
 I loved these... lighting was poor inside but they are decorated toilets...
 I wonder if you can still buy painted loos..

 Fancy washbasin to go with the loos..
 The 'old timing man' pointed to the cabin that Lucy Lawless stayed in during a filming of Xena, and also showed us the head pieces of two of the large animal/creatures from the Lord of the Rings movies.  He had a wealth of information - would have been lovely to pick his brain some more but time is short...
Moving on..
Stopping off to take advantage of the look out along the way...  the road you can see was the one we drove on - you go through the bridge and under the waterfall..  very clever..

 The Kea is found here and they were very interested in what everyone was doing...  checking out the cars, trying to scam food out of people...
 I think there were about a dozen all up...
We stopped in Darfield for afternoon tea and I did manage to escape the group for a bit to do some shopping..   The Sewing Room caught my eye and I found some lovely items here...and yes they did come home with me..

We are staying here for three nights at the golf course outside of Christchurch..  How pretty is the fog hovering around the base of the mountain..
 These photos are from the balcony of the unit we were staying in..
 Its very dry out here - they, like us need some rain here..

Wayne went out and played a round of golf before night fell.. I managed to get a little stitching done..
Big day planned for tomorrow so an early night would be great, especially after such a long day..